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ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures | Zeta Toys

ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures | Zeta Toys


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Zeta
Size 20.5 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Fighter Jet

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Product Description


ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures | Zeta Toys

ToyGeek code: ZB06-SUPERITRON

Zeta's 3rd Party Figures take your collection to the next level with ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures, a Masterpiece Scale scaled 3rd party figure that transforms from a Fighter Jet to robot and back.  Zeta's ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures stands 20.5 inches tall in robot mode and scales to other figures from Zeta and to other Masterpiece Scale scaled figures already in your collection. 


Zeta's 3rd Party Figures focus on making highly detailed 3rd Party figures available in Masterpiece and other scales, with good articulation and poseability.  They also feature improved designs on fan favorite characters and use advanced engineering techniques to bring a high quality figure to the market


Start your Zeta Collection today with ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures.   Add this highly sought after piece to your collection today at Toygeek, your source for 3rd Party collectible transforming figures.

Product Features

  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Toy Size: 20.5 inches
  • Alt Mode: Fighter Jet
  • Combiner size 19.69 inches (50cm) 
  • Single size approximate 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • 5 Robots transform and combine together to form Superitron
  • Combiner Parts and accessories
  • Metallic paint finish
  • Final product may vary
  • Made of plastic
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x Flyfire Figure
  • 1 x Skystrike Figure
  • 1 x Silver Arrow Figure
  • 1 x Catapult Figure
  • 1 x Downthrust Figure
  • 5 x Weapon Accessories
  • Combiner Parts to Form Superitron

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WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Set of 5 Figures stands at a massive 19.7 inches tall!

Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Catapult in fighter jet mode!

Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Downthrust in fighter jet mode!

Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Skystrike in fighter jet mode!

Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Fly Fire in fighter jet mode!

Zeta Toys ZB-06 Superitron Combiner Silver Arrow in fighter jet mode!

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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Falconer, NY

March 09, 2024

This is by far the best combiner I have ever purchased! He's very sturdy in combiner mode and I doesn't struggle to keep him on his feet. I know it's pricey but worth every penny. A must have for collector.

Spokane, WA

February 27, 2024

Amazing figure(s) - however what is really amazing is TFSource shipping! Ultra fast and in perfect shape. Thank you very much!!!

Gonzales, LA

December 03, 2023

Packaging is awesome, comes well packed and organized. Transformations are tedious and time consuming, you have to be careful not to force some moves. Jet modes on each is near perfect, robot mode is good but not great. At $70 per toy which is 2 in 1 this was a steal. The combine mode is flawless. Zeta did an awesome job on this version. Well pleased with purchase.

Jonesboro, GA

June 09, 2023

Great craftmanship on all the characters!

Quebec, QC

November 06, 2021

It's a great combiner transformers i like it.

Camarillo, CA

August 14, 2021

What a STELLAR set of figures! They're all super fun to handle, transform and pose. Although as much as i love the individual parts, Superion himself is The Star of The Set. Fireflight and Catapult do make it a tiny bit risky to transform because i'm worried that i might break them, but thankfully they've all held sturdy. Love this figure with all my heart.

Bixby, ok

July 22, 2021

Heavy amounts of paint, that were not present in the previous release, have been added to all these figures, as well as different head sculps. It seems very durable, and looks fantastic

Pflugerville, TX

May 21, 2021

Thank you for the speedy shipping. The only problem I have is that one of the planes (Catapult) was missing his center tailfin. If there is anything y'all can do to help me find one that would be awesome. I will be shopping here again very soon. Like today!

Thank You

Watertown, NY

May 11, 2021

This is a extremely good representation of Superion. It's over priced but if you have the money like me it's just fine

Bossier city, LA

May 08, 2021

This box set is wonderful; the models come with all accessories and figures in a sturdy black foam container for easy storage. My Catapult came with 2 left wings but TFSourse sent me the right one super fast so I will not gig a star for that! No stretch marks, no missing or broken pieces. The figures are somewhat hallow but not cheap; they are hollow due to the transformation because everything tucks into itself. These figures can stand the back and forth transformation. Also the wings don't peg in they just fold; they also detach which is a great feature to keep them from getting broken and makes for a smoother transformation without all the wing kibble! These figures ( by design) are full of jet kibble so be delicate on how you store it in the box; the joints are tight and ratcheted where they need to be and my goodness are these jets big! Very much worth the buy; HAVE FUN!

Kuna, ID

May 08, 2021

I'll admit, this could've been my klutziness, but my Silver Arrow had a snap on the strut that holds the nose of the jet. He now lives in the box while the rest of the team is combined up into Superitron. Honestly, I'm a little sad about it since it was not even ten minutes out of the box, but I fear that I'll probably not want to try and fix them in any capacity soon.

Fayetteville, AR

May 06, 2021

I was very happy with what I got and I hope you can restock with other Zeta toys figures soon!!!!

Manistee, MI

May 01, 2021

If Slingshot is giving you a promble as the right arm of Superion you can keep him as a leg thats what he really was

Paramount, CA

April 25, 2021

The figure looks great when it’s assembled but some of the parts are cheaply built, especially Slingshot when you have him transformed to the left arm of superion any little arm movement has the arm coming loose also the elbow joint of Superion wich is sling shot gets stuck and then you have to pry it out to get it unstuck. A lot of the figures are really hollow so be careful with them as they can snap and break easily. If your thinking of getting Superion or Bruticus zeta toy go with Bruticus why Superion may look great and the figure does stand up straight better then Bruticus, the Bruticus figure just feels more solid and has more heft to it and isn’t as flimsy as this figure. In my honest opinion it isn’t worth the 500 dollars your paying for it, if it feels this fragile and flimsy. I gave it a 3 stars because it looks good and it stands up better then the Bruticus, Bruticus has a penchant for hunching over while this figure stands up straight marvelously.

San jose, CA

January 28, 2021

This is an awesome representation of my personal favorite Combiner of all time I bought this set mainly for the the Combiner and its scale, color, and mixed G1/modern look. Plane modes look awesome as well and the robot modes look good to me, but do have the redone G1 faces which is a plus. No QC issues to speak of on my set either. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Indianola, IL

December 31, 2020

Great balance stands tall and looks the part.

Bowie, MD

December 12, 2020

Zeta....you keep putting out combiners like this one, you might as well have access to my account!!! Bruticus incoming!!!

Lake orion, MI

November 09, 2020

After watching several reviews on Youtube, I finally decided to go with this figure from Zeta Toys In my search for a cartoon accurate Superion to scale with my Toyworld Constructor and he does not disappoint. Don't expect the same high quality we typically get from manufacturers like Fans Toys or MasterMind Creations for half the money. The plastic does feel cheaper and not everything tabs in or stays tabbed in as intended, so I don’t recommend this set for intensive play, but once you have the combined mode assembled, Superitron’s presence in your Masterpiece collection display is undeniable. If you’re not going to have the budget for Fans Toys’ version of Superion, this is the one you will want to go with. I’m giving it 5 starts not because it is perfect in every aspect, but because it offers an awesome looking combiner at an acceptable price point (you may want to use some double-sided mounting tape to keep Downthrust’s and Air Strike’s waist-panels at Superitron’s knees in place like I did…).

Wheat ridge, CO

November 07, 2020

This is my biggest figure and I love it! The alt modes for each of the Aerialbots is superb, but Silverbolt is a bit small. I don't have the shelf space to display them all outside of combined as Superion, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Niagara falls, NY

November 05, 2020

Couldn’t resist purchasing Superitron when it was on sale since after I passed on the individual Kronos limbs. Not being a fan of Superion per se, I’m actually impressed by the combined mode's look and articulation.
I currently have the IDW head and all the plane kibble attached, and in my opinion, the overall proportions are perfect. I have the three Zeta / TW combiners displayed side by side, and rank them 1) Superitron, 2) Toyworld Constructor V2, and 3) Zeta Bruticon in terms of shelf presence.
My copy has no missing or broken parts and no major defects. Everything tabs and locks in place, including the knee caps on the leg limbs. However, I did some minor trimming of the sprues of the various tail fins to get them to fit the c-clips on the plane bodies. And the head and chest panels on two bots are floppier than the rest.
In terms of TF Source, they quickly sent out my Superitron well packaged and protected, as usual.
Now, the individual robots, particularly the face sculpts (and the plane modes to a lesser extent) are a distant second to the FT versions, which I also have. But I bought this set specifically to have a less expensive combined mode Superion, and may end up keeping this over the FT version once the two can be fully compared.

The light coat of metallic paint is nice, adding a bit a visual pop. But as with their Bruticon, Zeta is using a noticeably thinner, cheaper feeling, and potentially more stress mark prone plastic than what was on the TW Constructor.

Overall, if you just want the combined mode, Superitron soars in terms of value (with each limb approximately $80 at time of purchase).

Wilder, KY

October 25, 2020


Walnut creek, CA

October 17, 2020

Honestly, I was amazed just by the product photos alone, but when I finally got my hands on the actual metallic edition of this combiner I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by how well designed it was and all the extra little details that was put into it.

It’s a great ode to the original Aerialbots and is FANTASTIC in all modes. Each of bot modes display such distinct personalities, while the jet modes are all phenomenal, and lastly the combiner mode is where it really shines – very sturdy, posable and impressive in it’s stature. Excellent to play with and display.

The METALLIC PAINT is mesmerizing!

Also, the G1 cartoon head and chest plate options are a nice touch too for the Superion that best suits your taste. No regrets with this product, Zeta knocked it out the park! Just be careful with the bot fingers (especially the thumbs) they’re a bit delicate but easy to pop back in place.

I even had a slight flub with a missing battery cover for one of the combiner heads and the company was quick to send me the missing part when alerted, no hassle, well done.

Get one of theses, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Oroville, CA

October 17, 2020

Robot mode and superion to jet mode are great besides the unstable rear wings keeps falling off

Tucson, AZ

September 23, 2020

There are some issues where things aren’t installed correctly or upside down. Not hard to repair. My Catapult was missing a pinky, but Im told a replacement is on it way. Each figure is true MP scale. The combined mode is jaw dropping....

Severn, MD

September 15, 2020

What a fantastic box set, Zeta has done such a amazing job translating the original figures to a more modern style, while keeping a classic look, and ensuring all the figures are unique and full of personality. One warning - the fingers (fully articulated and individually poseable!) on the smaller bots are very delicate, I've had the thumbs pop out several times getting them to hold their accessories. Still a amazing product, both for the individual planes, bot modes, and combined form!

Indianapolis, IN

May 06, 2020

The individual bot modes have a lot of wing kibble on them but they look ok and have some pretty cool transformations. The jet modes all look great. The reason I purchased tho was for the combined mode, which doesn't disappoint. It looks great and holds its weight perfectly.

Plainfield, IN

April 28, 2020

This is an amazing set. The bot modes are ok, but where this figure shines is in the alt modes and when combined. The overall look of combined mode is truly a sight to see. The stability of combined mode is unreal. There is no worry about this set falling over like previous combines. Truly a great purchase!

Kalamazoo, MI

March 11, 2020

I previously owned the original Kronos but had to sell him, and in this case I'm glad it happened. This version just looks more like a high end collectable, with a metallic paint over every bot and combiner part that just pops. Very solid, with some of the same issues as the first like wings being annoying when posing it in combined form, but nothing major. The cartoon waist is a welcome addition as well. This is one of those sets that you would have to have had the original to truly appreciate the new paint and small changes, but I highly recommend it. Online video comparisons do not do it justice.

Saint peters, MO

March 06, 2020

Overall this version of "not Superion" is excellent, great paint application, tight joints and great posability. The individual bots come in their robot form so they have to be transformed into their combiner modes, the clear instructions do help. The extra metal chest piece is a nice addition if want to display him in cartoon form. Overall very happy with him!


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