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CW-01 General Grant | Civil Warrior

CW-01 General Grant | Civil Warrior


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Civil Warrior
Size 9.8 inches
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Preorder Item   Estimated Arrival: October 2022



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Product Description


CW-01 General Grant | Civil Warrior

ToyGeek code: CW01-GENERAL-GRANT

New 3rd Party Company Civil Warrior introduces their first project; CW-01 General Grant!


This figure is based on the Dreamwave’s War Within design, but with some changes to make him a bit more stylized. We finally have a look at the color prototype of the main robot and our first look at the gray prototype of his trailer and combined super mode. We are sure the pictures will get your optics attention.


The original mold has got several modifications and improvements. General Grant robot will be 25 cm tall and 29 cm in combined mode with his trailer. This figure has more than 30 articulation points and LED lights in the chest.


Add this amazing figure to your collection today from Toygeek!

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 9.84 inches
  • Alt Mode: Futuristic Truck
  • Reissue
  • 30-points of articulation
  • Approximately 11.4-inches tall in combined trailer mode
  • LED lights (LR41 batteries not included)
  • Made of plastic and diecast
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 X CW-01 General Grant Figure
  • 1 X Transformable Trailer
  • 1 X Blaster Gun
  • 1 X Energon Axe
  • 2 X Gatling Guns

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Civil Warrior CW-01 General Grant has 30 points of articulation!

Civil Warrior CW-01 General Grant transforms to futuristic truck!

Civil Warrior CW-01 General Grant comes with an array of battle accessories!

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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Indianapolis, IN

October 27, 2021

I genuinely enjoyed displaying and playing with this figure, however I did have some problems with the hands. I had to use a thin piece of metal to fully close the hands into the body for vehicle mode. Other than that, excellent figure!

Irvine, PA

October 24, 2020

Excellent figure, joints a bit tighter than I like for transformation on mine but considering the heavy guns and gear this guy has definitely need tight joints. This Optimus will look great in my Prime Collective!!!

Joplin, MO

August 29, 2020

This guy is awesome. If you missed out on the Sparktoys version from a few years ago, you're in luck, this guy's better. The only thing keeping him from 5 stars, is the transformation. That head piece is a bear, don't be afraid to use tools. I highly recommend you tubing a transformation video, instructions aren't great. Once he's transformed, shelf him and bask in his glory!

Vidor, Tx

July 29, 2020

Fast service. Awsome figure.

Atlanta, GA

June 10, 2020

Recently ventured into the third party realm and jumped at the chance to purchase this version.

Good - Heavy and overall a solid bot. Easy transformation and all joints seem to be strong. Looks great standing next to my MP bots. He attracts attention when fellow collectors see him. Trailer combining is easy

Bad - "Matrix" doors do not close completely and his entire chest is lose and splits apart in base robot mode. No paint chipping but metallic paint should be kept clean of oil and fingerprints for longevity. Instructions mentioned that matrix and gun would light up, however it came with battery safety tabs already removed and no direction around steps to replace dead batteries.

Conclusion - I am overall happy with this bot! He has some problems, but looks amazing and easily stands out from other bots.

Eugene, OR

June 07, 2020

The good: He's large and impressive. The paint choices help him stand out. The trailer's parts-forming works quite well. He looks really good all kitted out.

His transformation is straight-forward and easy to figure out. The core robot is hefty with some well-located die-cast metal parts.

The bad: His hands are a disaster. My right hand was missing a thumb and the outer plate wasn't attached. Looking closely it appears that it broke when they were transforming him into vehicle mode for packaging. The hand plate was still in the box, and I could super-glue it back in place, but the thumb never made it. The rest of the fingers vary from having tight joints to being loose and wobbly and unable to grip anything, and all threatening to snap off at any moment.

There are a few other panels (all from the trailer components) that are super-tight, threatening the structural integrity of the plastic. This is a "transform once and never again" figure.

There are also included screw hole covers, but no indication which screw holes they are intended to cover or how (I'm guessing they require glue? because they're flat discs and bigger than any of the screw holes).

I wish there was a way to store all of his weapons, either to attach his gatling guns to his backpack/shoulders/hips, and/or store his gun and axe on his back.

Over-all a very cool version of War Within Prime, despite some flawed details.

New iberia, LA

April 15, 2020

Ihave just recently received this Prime. He is a BIG BOT. Details are awesome along with solid jounts for articulation. Conversion is excellent. The trailer secrion has solid snap points to keep it together in both tralier mode and jet pack mode. He is an all around great variant to Optimus. Civil Warrior General Grant is a great additon to my collection.

Laurel, MD

April 09, 2020

Overall good figure. The three issues I have are: paint job; some of the parts need a small touch-up, parts tolerance; some of the parts pop off and/or hard to clip on without removing parts, and the hands; the fingers are very long and loose...like piano fingers or jazz hands. Other than that, I’m glad to have it.

Johns creek, GA

April 06, 2020

I wish I could give this figure a 4.5, but alas that option isn't there.

For what I'm aware is a newcomer to third party Transforming figures, Civil Warrior has really out done themselves with their interpretation of Dreamwave comics War Within Optimus Prime.

This is what you'd want from a Transformer. A solid, chunky die-cast laden figure with a simple transformation hearkening back to figures of the past.

Now that doesn't mean its simple, just that its a no frills overly complex take you a half hour to transform kind of figure.

I personally spent 6-8 minutes transforming it from vehicle to robot. The changing it back was a little more intensive and took much longer. I found that some of the issues came from getting his fists folded just right to get them back in the arm compartments. And when they're slightly loose fully articulated fingers you can find yourself getting frustrated because they're moving around.

Also getting the head to pop out correctly was bit of a chore to depending on the size of your fingers or if you have a plastic wedge you're better off. The same can be said about putting the head back into the compartment and tabbing the cockpit section into place. You might risk chipping the metallic paint finish. So use caution. I had sore thumbs afterwards.

The trailer that converts into a winged jet pack evoking Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime is a very nice addition. It is a parts forming trailer that is relatively easy to convert into the pack. The only thing that irked me was when you fold certain sections or rotate they would make a noticeable cracking sound. Which can instantly make you think you might have broke something. So be prepared.

Other than those minor gripes, this is a amazing figure for those wanting a different take on Prime or are a fan of the old Dreamwave comic designs.

I hope this does well so we could potentially see more designs from this era of Transformers.

Matawan, NJ

April 06, 2020

This guy is amazing!!!! Some tolerance issues but one of my favorite pieces in my collection.


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