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Cell | 01Studio

Cell | 01Studio


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Product Specs

Manufacturer 01-studio
Size 17.7 inches
  • Product comes in different box packaging

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Product Description


Cell | 01Studio

ToyGeek code: 01STUDIO-CELL

01-Studio introduces their new Cell figure, which is their interpretation of Transformers G1 Unicron.


This figure stand almost 18-inches tall in robot mode, and includes a variety of accessories. This figure will include the head accessory piece.

Other figures shown for display purposes & are sold separately.


Note" Product comes in different box packaging.

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 17.72 inches
  • 3rd party figure
  • Reissue
  • Array of accessories
  • Includes head
  • Planetary rings shown sold separately
  • Made of plastic
  • Product comes in different box packaging

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x Cell Figure

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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Prescott, AZ

May 14, 2021

Lots of early video reviews said it was too hard to transform and that almost scared me of until I found a video that pointed out the exact proper way to do it, then it was easy. I am so glad I bought this.
No kibble!

Bossier city, LA

May 02, 2021

Studio Cell is the best rendition of Unicron on the market! Just be prepared to put in some work when connecting and disconnecting those let joints; THEY ARE TIGHT! Other than that the transformation is not overly complicated but it does take time; its an adventure not a chore. The plastic is top notch; the joints are tight and there is so much articulation you might spend a day just keeping him in robot mode. He is a must have for his price point and he is worth every freaking penny I PROMOSE!!! if you have to save for a year do so!

Paramount, CA

April 29, 2021

My hats off to Studio Cell for this version of Unicron it’s built solid and looks fantastic it stands up straight with no hunching over also it’s incredibly posable. The only knock on it is the transformation it’s time consuming and you have to be delicate transforming it in certain parts you have to be weary of knocking off its spikes and not breaking its wings/ring. On the plus side they do give you a tiny flat head type screw driver to help pry any hard stuck parts. Other then what I just mentioned its worth the money I paid for it, I’m very happy with it.

Grand island, NE

March 18, 2021

I just want to preface this with the fact that I did NOT buy this from TfSource.

However I am adding my review here because it's by FAR one of the best figures I've ever purchased! I wanted the Haslab Unicron but could not afford to back it at the time it was open for donations.

When this one was announced and released I just HAD to get my hands on it. Absolutely no regrets on the purchase. Transformation is quite time consuming on the first go at it. It's easier the next few times.

I definitely plan on getting the planet rings upgrade kit once it releases.

Superior, CO

March 15, 2021

Worth every penny! Unicron, will not disappoint a true masterpiece!

Everett, WA

March 13, 2021

Glad I decided to go with Cell instead of HasLabs version. Engineering is well thought out to hide the kibble and the result is a an articulated figure that is not a shell-former.

There are a few downsides to the figure but they are minor and I feel the figure is still worthy of 5 stars.

-Boxes are sturdy, but aesthetically, they don't impress like other third party boxes, but it is for legal reasons
-Transformation to Planet mode the first time will take a while, I did not look at the youtube video for help, but I would suggest to review prior as the instructions are poor
-Rings, be careful with the rings, some might have cracks near the pins out of the box or might appear on first transformation into planet mode, so far mine appear to just be cosmetic in nature and do not affect the transformation

-Best representation of unicron on the market for bot mode, planet mode is great too, but the bot mode is where it shines
-Paint is well done (no signs of any chipping/scratching like some other companies)
-Well articulated for a bot of its size (yep, it has an ab crunch)
-Has LEDs for the head
-Options to swap panels for a more cohesive planet mode
-Heavy duty ratchets, feels well built/solid

Bronx, new york

March 12, 2021

I dont care what anyone says, in thier reviews, I love this figure, dont care about size, and dont care about how tough he is to transform. MANUP girls.. The best accurate figure ever, Not going to pay 700.00 to haslab for thier unicron that looks like a giant motherboard. The only credit I give is planet mode. Haslab unicron, please, panels all over the place, fat!! Extremely to much detail, which makes him look like a motherboard without the CPU. I made a perfect choice. And as far as titan class from Haslab please they are AWFUL in fact all. Hasbro are more intune with children and I get it. But not for the collector like me. Hasbro toy designers try to hard.

Denver, CO

March 11, 2021

The only real downside to this figure is the size. Obviously not even Titan Class, however, as a standalone piece, it is fantastic! This is probably the most accurate G1 Unicron I think we'll ever get, and while the HasLab towers over this, after all the reviews, I'm satisfied with my choice and he looks great on his own floating shelf high on my wall. My only regret is not having ordered a second for planet mode, but I am also holding out and hoping an oversized version of this eventually comes out.

Transformation can be a pain as others have stated, but after the second and third time around, it's not that bad once you learn where and how everything goes. A few clip connections are stupid tight in planet mode, so definitely use caution during transformation to avoid stress marks.

Overall, great figure!

Britton, SD

March 04, 2021

It looks cool in robot mode, would make a great display piece.....But be warned! Transforming this sucker is a nightmare words can BARELY describe! My hands are covered in sores bruises, I LITERALLY spent two hours trying to get the legs to peg into place......It didn't help that at times, the included instructions are clear as MUD! I've had to take at least six breaks from transforming it, because the process is starting to tick me off! I do like the look of it, but if I do get it into its planet mode, I have NO immediate plans to revert it to its robot mode!

Springfield, PA

March 04, 2021

It seemed for a long time that the armada unicron, specifically the amazon exclusive released a few years ago, was going to be the closest thing we were getting from a movie accurate Unicron. Then this offering + the haslab option appeared. I'll elaborate on my decision to go with this offering, keeping in mind I didn't transform it since it comes in bot mode, and all my figures stay in bot mode.

The bad:
- Comes in 2 of the strangest boxes I've ever seen. One is green and says "Merry Christmas" on the front and "Not for Sale" on the side, another is a black box with a different finish on the cardboard with the name ArmorToys on it. The first box contains the body and the x2 stands and x2 maw pieces, the smaller box contains the head and the wings. No indication on either box whats inside, from what I've read this was done for legal purposes.
- It comes with 2 planet stands, and 2 extra maw pieces. The stock image illustrates this although I dont know what function a second set of each serves...maybe just to have a spare? I would be fine with 1 set, and maybe an alternate battle damaged head, a mini planet figure for him to eat, or maybe even a figure stand, which leads me into my next point.
- Its a big figure, and while it has some extra support at the feet to stabilize its definitely a fall risk. Getting him into a stance where he's completely stable is tricky. He has very thin plastic bits in the wings, the spines, and on his helmet. If this thing topples SOMETHING is going to break. I think the plastic spines may have been better served if they were rubber or soft plastic.
- The price. $200? All day. $300? Its a stretch, but ok. $400? We're almost at a 5 piece masterpiece combiner at this price. There are figures bigger than this that sell for less (DX9 Gabriel/Omega Supreme for example). Theres a lot of engineering that went into it to make it turn a sphere and not be a panel-former (looking at you haslab) but I don't see anything that demands $400.

The good:
- This is a completely subjective opinion, but I think this offering is more screen accurate to the movie than Haslab. Haslab obviously takes the win for sheer size, but Studio Cell is a more modest scale and price; I think Hasbro priced/sized themselves out of contention for a lot of collectors. He's big, but he's not ridiculous, and he doesn't have sloppy panels and flaps hanging off him like the alternative.
- He comes with spines you can choose to apply, or not, as well as a ton of screw hole caps. Some of the caps are very small and the instructions dont's specify which go where, but theres videos online which can walk you through. Once applied it really adds to the look of the figure, just don't break it! You'll never get those caps off again.
- The plastics and paint are well applied, no blemishes or stray paint marks. The circular panels on his chest and waist are separate pieces with added detail inside. Hes got a lot of tight ratchets, including in the wrist, not a spot you commonly find a ratchet.
- The battery panel in the back of the head is very easy to get to, pops in and out with no problem, nothing to disassemble to get the eye light up feature working.

If you're looking to complete a movie/season 3 shelf and aren't quite satisfied with the Armada figure, or don't want to take out a loan for the Haslab one, this is a great middle of the road option. No regrets. -1 star for price and lack of any other/practical accessories.

Newaygo, mi

March 02, 2021

I missed out on the first run of this unicron! Let me tell you this is a must have for any third party collector! Sculpt is on the money. Materials and tolerances are great, for such a large bot he’s articulated extremely well!!!! If you can get yourself a copy I highly recommend you do so!


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