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WB01 Full Set of 5 Figures and X-Ray Gun Set | Warbotron

WB01 Full Set of 5 Figures and X-Ray Gun Set | Warbotron


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Warbotron
Scale Masterpiece Scale


  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Set of 5 figures only does not include X-Ray figure

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Product Description


WB01 Full Set of 5 Figures and X-Ray Gun Set | Warbotron

ToyGeek code: WB01SET6

This full set of 5 figures includes the entire WB01 Warbotron Combiner set plus the X-ray add-on. Included in this set is the following:
- WB01A Air Burst
- WB01B Heavy Noisy
- WB01C Sly Strike
- WB01D Whirlwind
- WB01E Fierce Attack
- WB01F X-Ray Gun Kit

Everything required to form your WB01 combiner is included, this set also includes the version 2 of WB01 Air Airburst which does not require any additional or replacement parts.

WB01F X-Ray set comes unassembled. The thigh swivel of this is a known QC issue, which may lead to breakage during assembly. We recommend watching a YouTube "Tips & Tricks" build guide for the WB01F X-Ray, released by Radio Free Cybertron, which shows how to easily correct this issue; prior to assembly!

    Product Features

    • Product is brand new and in mint condition
    • Packaging does not come factory sealed from the manufacturer
    • Scale: Masterpiece Scale

    WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

    Customer Reviews


    Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5 stars overall


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    Brooksville, FL

    February 11, 2018

    I've had this Warbotron Bruticus for a few years now, and it still is one of the best combiners, among so many. Imposing as hell, and makes no apologies!

    Huntington, WV

    May 17, 2017

    Be careful as some parts break extremely easily due to plastic hinges, especially on Airburst. Two peices on him have broken, and one on the tank.

    Chicago, IL

    September 08, 2016

    I dropped the money on these guys, and they came to me in two big boxes pretty much in order of their original release. Your results may vary as I also had another item in the shipment. I'll go through them one by one.
    1-Air Burst- The missile pods were a nice touch- a lot of times in these third party teams they seem to lead with the weakest member. I wouldn't say that of Air Burst but I'll get to that further down. He does however have an issue with his nosecone/cockpit piece not snapping in properly for vehicle mode and I'm not sure what needs sanding/ adjustment to make it stay put. The missile pod/tailfin pieces are probably the best part and make him seem more like part of a military/death squad. Solid space shuttle bot with a blocky head, much like the originals. I like how the side pieces slot in almost seamlessly. The wing pieces pop off a little too easily and could have used a longer peg. Getting flashbacks to the original decepticon jets with this figure.
    Heavy Noisy- I am spoiled as far as poseability and features by other third party offerings, but I have to appreciate what was done right. Very nice tank bot. I knew what I was getting with molded in treads, and engineering wise it would obviously be hard to make real treads work and have it still be BRAWL. Nice fiddly molded in details, and I like how the turret can become a blast shield, although the shape of the arms somewhat restricts how he can use it. Looks wonderful in tank mde riding on Attack/Onslaught's trailer. I wish he could use his tank gun less awkardly, it transformes into a kind of unwieldy sniper rifle which doesn't really feel like Brawl's style anyway. Next time I have him in robot mode, I'll be equipping him with one of the serrated combat knives from the x-ray set.
    Sly Strike-I know Swindle has been a fan favorite character and has had more fiction created about him than the others. I still don't care for the cheery, cartoonish grin they gave him, although I appreciate the attempt to add some personality. Maybe if more details were molded into his face it would bother me less, but it is just little bit insulting to pay this much for a figure of an evil sociopathic alien robot and have him look like he's about to host a kids' show with no option to switch it out. Again I knew what I was getting and that it's a tribute to Animated, and I like the cannon and small sidearm he came with and how well he locks together in vehicle mode. He even has the option of two different robot mode looks. You can flip the front grill/hood up for a g1 toy like look or keep it down for an autobot-car like chestplate.
    Whirlwind- ARG the robot mode looks so great, and he looks the slickest when you can attach the guns on the shoulders and arm him with all four prop/swords at once. But the vehicle mode?Amateur hour. I just feel bad because there are a lot of wonderful details all over much like the others, but there is a GLARING comical issue here that I know others have mentioned. I'm no expert in aviation but it's clear Whirlwind/Vortex will never fly. The fact that the comically placed tailfin also pops off like a G1 conehead jet wing, a bit worse in fact, is also bothersome. How to deply that huge nosecone/gun assembly in robot mode? Still figuring that out.

    FIERCE ATTACK- I am so happy he came in vehicle mode, G1 style. He really brings the party with the huge amount of accessories he brings. Still figuring out what the Bruticus combiner parts can do when not deployed on him. A launchpad for Air Burst? I'm combing through photos online to make that happen. Fierce Attack himself is a great, imposing and militaristic looking robot. The fact that only the front portion of the truck becomes the robot does not bother me at all. The arms have great poseability and there are a lot of great details. He really screams for some unofficial decals as there are so many exposed screws in his shoulders. Yes, he is extremely tight and his shoulders squeak as emphasized elsewhere. Somehow this doesn't concern me as much as some people, who think this signifies possible breakage

    Before I move onto the combined mode, I have to say one of the issues plaguing these figures in general is being able to practically hold their larger guns. I wish they were keyed in for a more solid hold, and more thought was given to where kibble and shoulder joints were so you didn't have to turn the guns to the side or just have them aimed straight out in some very un-dynamic poses. Between gripping their weapons and being able to position them in a useable or dynamic way, I found myself restricted a lot, except strangely enough with Whirlwind, which somewhat redeemed him. I am glad I got the X-RAY set so that I could give the whole team some melee weapons. A transformer with a nunchuck on a metal chain? you can do it with this set. There aren't enough combat knives given to transformers and once I get them separated I will have to figure out a robot mode tableau where they can all be armed without looking silly. As to the X-ray bot, I enjoyed assembling him and had a flashback to master grade gundam models, but had to pay very special attention to the leg fix on youtube. No complaints on this small bot, although I would have liked some color on the face/eye area.

    COMBINED MODE- eighteen inches towering of hulking, sinister mechanoid, and solid as a rock, yet poseable. It is difficult to get the spring loaded locks on the limbs to snap in, but once you do, it feels so intentional. He avoids the gangliness of a lot of combiners and Onslaught's legs/cannons form a nice backpack. This is Bruticus. Holds x-ray(mini shockwave), the combined gun from that set, and his included huge rifle wonderfully. There was a lot of thoughtfulness from Warbotron in including rubber pads to keep the soles of his feet from sliding, and also including replacement parts for the ankle ratchet pieces, only one of which I had to switch out, with the Official Warbotron Screwdriver! (included with x-ray set)
    Overall I would have wished for a little more thought in the accessories of the individual bots, especially the limb bots, since I feel they deserve equal respect to the goal of having a solid gestalt... but the whole package is just lovely. If I had the scratch, and such a thing existed, I'd buy all of them over again in the crazy G2 colors.


    June 25, 2016

    One of the best combiners

    Salt lake city, UT

    January 29, 2016

    Too be honest I was kind of scared purchasing this, due to it being so pricey and seeing of the QC issues. Thankfully mine didn't have those and is absolutely perfect!

    Allentown, NJ

    October 04, 2015

    once again warbotron hit it out of the park! great colors, strong joints, an amazing combiner, go warbotron!

    Denver, CO

    July 20, 2015

    1. This thing is just like a combiner SHOULD be - HUGE. The feet that you put "Not Brawl" and "Not Swindle" on are practically the size of the limb bots in the Combiner Wars line out now.

    2. Genius, splitting "Not Onslaught" into two pieces, truck and trailer, makes the assembly of "Not Bruticus" that much less unwieldly.

    3. All bots are solidly built, although "Not Swindle" and "Not Brawl" are the weakest. the Hummer has the most pain in the butt transformation, and the tank has some really overly tight joints/sliding parts.

    4. The boxes themselves are works of art. Way better than FP, MMC or TFC.

    5. Simple, easy to follow transformations. But not one-steppers, obviously.

    6. If you have the scratch laying around, this guy is worth every penny and looks great next to Masterpiece line transformers...and makes TFC Ares ("Not Predaking") look SMALL.

    Phoenix, AZ

    July 14, 2015

    Warbotron! Let me start off by saying how I had some buyers remorse when I ordered this figure, not knowing what to expect from a new 3rd part company. I’ve had this set for 8 days now and dropping $500 on WB01, was practically paying a months rent for an action figure. Geez, the word "action figure" belittles this marvel of ingenuity. Anyways, that feeling completely disappeared when a HUGE box arrived at my doorstep literally 2 days after I ordered it from TFSource (btw kudos on the service). Here's what I have to say.

    I have all the combiners to date from Hasbro, Takara and all the 3rd party heavy hitters like MMC, MakeToys, TFC etc. Feral Rex currently being my all time favorite combiner. This figure obviously is the first installment for the Warbotron line in the saturated "combiner" niche and they entered the fold with an emphatic BANG!

    + The boxes are display worthy themselves featuring beautifully and artfully etched silver and black stenciled "Warbotron" logo as well as the silhouette of each figure for presentation. The back of all boxes combines to form the WB01 when all 5 boxes are stacked. Nice touch.

    +The devil is in the details. Its apparent that the design engineers of this figure are TF fans themselves. Without getting to verbose, I will state that these figures appear realistic all the way down to the crevices, vents, panels while minimizing the appearance the screws and bolts. The color schemes of each figure are rich and realistic, not gaudy and flamboyant. The paint is solid with quality coating that you can feel won’t chip or scratch away easily. The figures even smell expensive, so you know great care was put into the manufacture of these bad boys. The plastic feels durable and has good weight to it. Evenly balanced and proportionate. The articulation is bananas! You will appreciate the possibility of each figure as well as the combined mode of Warbotron. The ankles, hands, joints are done just right. The head sculpt - perfect!

    -The instructions are okay. For a seasoned collector and transformer of all things impossible (wink wink Azalea’s), a newbie might have some sore fingers and frustration. My advice to those is take your time with the transformation. Be meticulous and enjoy your experience metamorphosing WB01. It is not a 5 minute process.
    -$500 is a lot of money. Some may wait until the price drops but patience may not be a virtue in this case. From my own experience I waited for Feral Rex to drop in price only to watch them sell out and having to pay more on auction sites. I am not rich nor am I patient but I will gladly pay this price for Warbotron 2 years from now. Maybe you can get it cheaper during the holidays when a sale springs up - I dunno. Each figure is Masterpiece scaled and ARE OF SUPERIOR QUALITY than 95% of 3rd party figures. The boxes alone are worth $20 a pop!
    -NO figure is perfect. Some will certainly say this is not, with some people saying “I wish this was like that” or “they should’ve done this.” I am not one of those. Yes, Fierce Attack has squeaky arms. Some of the others have tight joints. Whatever. None of those very minor details take anything away form the overall splendor and joy I’ve gotten.

    This is the bottom line. In terms of total badassery, WB01 gets a 10/10, or 5 stars, or what the heck does it matter, if you can afford it, get it. You will thank yourself for it. We should be thankful that a new player has come to town and are genuine in their pursuit of distinguishing themselves above the pack of combiners. I cannot get enough of Warbotron! It is now my all time favorite combiner next to Feral Rex, and the new Devastator. These guys have done right for the discriminating TF collector. THANK YOU!


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