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MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 | Transformers Masterpiece

MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 | Transformers Masterpiece


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Takara Tomy
Size 7.3 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Series Transformers Masterpiece
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Sports Car

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Product Description


MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 | Transformers Masterpiece

ToyGeek code: MP28-HOT-RODIMUS

From Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 stands an impressive 7.3-inches tall in robot mode. Not only is this figure incredibly detailed, but it comes packed with an extinsive array of accessories.  MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 is highly articulated and transforms from a Futuristic Sports Car with his iconic flames on his hood to robot and back and as a Masterpiece scaled figure scales with other MP scaled figures in the Transformers Masterpiece toyline. 


Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 is an all new release of Hot Rod featuring a unique transformation all new to this figure.  In addition to his signature flame hood, Hot Rod has a cavity in his chest that allows for storing the matrix of leadership allowing collectors to take their MP-10 Optimus Prime matrix and store it in Hot Rod's chest.  In addition to his guns, he has a retractable visor and buzzsaw arm attachment, but he also comes with a new accessory, a fishing rod that allows you to recreate his first scene in the movie. 


The Transformers Masterpiece series of action figures is a collector-focused toyline by Takara Tomy of Japan that brings your favorite Transformers characters from the TV series or big screen to life in toy form.  Transformers Masterpiece figures feature highly innovative transformations, screen accurate likenesses, and include an a wide variety of add-on parts, accessories and much more.  


MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 is likely the greatest version of Hot Rod, Hot Rodimus and a true masterpiece of a Transformers figure.  A centerpiece of your collection get yours at Toygeek your source for everything Transformers.

Product Features

  • Toy Series: Transformers Masterpiece
  • Toy Size: 7.3 inches
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Alt Mode:Sports Car
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x MP-28 Hot Rod Figure
  • 1 x Buzzsaw Accesory
  • 1 x Fishing Rod
  • 2 x Guns
  • 1 x Visor

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 in car mode with his gun mounted to his hood

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 with fishing rod

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 with MP-22 Ultra Magnus

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 fits in MP-22 Ultra Magnus's car carrier

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 with buzzsaw accessory

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod 2.0 parts and accessories

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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League city, TX

August 27, 2021

While this figure isn't perfect id have to say it is still amazing. Great amounts of articulation, great sculpt, and good painting. The accessories are fun and all in all it's a great classic masterpiece figure, 9.3/10.

Saint charles, MO

January 05, 2018

Hot Rod and Starscream were my first two Masterpiece Transformers purchases. True, Hot Rod is a smaller toy, but it cost about half the price of Starscream, and it's really a cool figure. His color is a little bit muted with a hint of fuchsia, very much like it is in Transformers the Movie. It arrives in car mode (which is flawless, btw), and took a long time to transform, but I was scared of breaking something. There are complaints about his 'backpack' being too big in robot mode, but it didn't impact posing or balancing the figure, and I'm not going to display Hot Rod in profile, so it's never bugged me. He's a solid, cool, very pose-able toy, and I love him. Sorry about the pronoun shift, but I just realized that I'm quite smitten...

Menifee, CA

August 05, 2017

I've had him for a while and he doesn't disappoint! The visor gimmick is a bit tight but seeing as it's an optional look it doesn't bother me.

Bronx, NY

January 20, 2017

Out of the Masterpiece figures that I have, Hot Rod has impressed me more and more. I agree with what everyone has said good and bad. Hot Rod is a terrific figure and a great homage to the 1986 movie. I'm hoping that Takara hurry up with the other Season 3 guys. I look forward to what this year will bring

Yeagertown, PA

August 24, 2016

This is amost exactly what i expect from a Masterpiece TF. Everything is exactly as it should be exept 1 detail.. in car mode the wheels don't all touch the ground. Because his legs are. It's not so large a problem that it can't be overlooked and how many people display their TF's in car mode? But the wheels should be the only thing touching the ground. Instad the front of his legs are at ground level and at least 1 wheel is off the ground as a result.

Warren, PA

August 07, 2016

Couldn't ask for a better shipping box. Well protected and in great condition. Shipped very quick.

Lincoln, NE

May 29, 2016

Probably one of the best mp figures ever. Good size and detail. Way better than the Rodimus one from a few years back. Only downside was it could use some stickers. But nothing reprolabels cant fix.

Siler city, NC

April 17, 2016

The tabs and pegs alone are a testament to some genius engineering. The figure is very intricate and exceptionally designed with remarkable articulation. I wish it had a matrix, but it's only fitting that he has to get it from Optimus Prime. The figure is just the right level of challenge to transform as well.

Bellingham, WA

April 16, 2016

Hot Rod 2.0 is a solid figure and better than I expected. I was worried about the backpack, especially after the issues with MP Tracks. While his back is a bit cumbersome it isn't as bad as i thought when I got him in hand.
Same with his smaller legs, they are a bit dis proportioned but not that bad once displayed.
In car form he doesn't have great clearance and he does scrape.
Those minor issues aside Hot Rod is a solid figure and worth picking up. I never got the Rodimus MP before but I do like the updated one He is fairly priced and fun to display.
Not my favorite but still a worthwhile addition.

Bossier city, LA

March 31, 2016

Hot Rod is classic! good sturdy plastic, fun transformation with some cool changes. not hard to figure out at all; very well designed; 2 small things is the clearance in car mode because it tends to scrap the bottom and the legs are a lil dis proportion but not bad when you spread them just a bit in robot mode. still a great figure; please add him to your collection and relive 1986 transformers the movie!

Elgin, IL

March 08, 2016

The figure is waaaaay better than earlier MPs in the line. They really looked at their mistakes from MP-09 and vastly improved the model. His size is not really an issue once you see him in robot mode. His joints are solid and the transformation will not make you nervous at any point. A LOT of fun! I'm so impressed, I'm thinking of getting Ratchet too (another fav of mine)

Pensacola, FL

March 04, 2016

Hot Rod 2.0. I've been waiting for this day since MP-10 Optimus Prime. The best part is that Takara nailed it; complete home run.

First the pros. MP-28 is by far the best Hot Rod toy to date: his robot mode looks great, the car is freaking beautiful, and his plastic is solid. He doesn't come with tons of accessories, but the ones he has are solid. Both photon guns, his buzzsaw, and my personal favorite, the fishing pole! Love the nod to obscure transformers references with those last two. He even has a matrix chamber to hold MP-10's matrix, and he's not even Rodimus Prime!

The cons. First, his size. Before buying this guy, remember that this is Hot Rod, not Rodimus Prime. He's about the same size as your standard MP car, but that is to be expected. Second, while his plastic is very solid (here's looking at you, MP-09!), some of the panels on his chest are very thin; MP Bumblebee thin. Shouldn't be a problem as long as your careful, but it's still a thing. Last, he does have a backpack in robot mode, but it's nothing to write home about. Kind of like MP-27's hip flaps, they're really not that noticeable while staring at the rest of this beautiful toy.

Verdict: get him while you can. MP-28 is definitely worth the buy unless you just don't like the character. I personally can't get enough of this toy. Now if we can just get another Rodimus Prime!


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