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The Primo Vitalis Upgrade Kit for Combiner Wars Optimus Prime | Snd

The Primo Vitalis Upgrade Kit for Combiner Wars Optimus Prime | Snd


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Snd
Scale Voyager Class
  • Sealed in Baggie

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Product Description


The Primo Vitalis Upgrade Kit for Combiner Wars Optimus Prime | Snd

ToyGeek code: SDNKTPVK

The this kit upgrade CW optimus prime robot to be standing same height as leader class megatron!

1x Gun
1x Sword
1x Axe
1x New Head
1x Combiner Mode Head
2x Shoulder Pads
1x CHest
1x New Waist
2x Extended Thighs
2x New Feet

One piece transformation, no need take off any piece! This kit also apply to combination mode! Note: other figures shown sold separately. Price increase reflects the over-sized packaging and shipping costs mis-estimated by the supplier, causing import shipping rates to cost 5x what was originally estimated.

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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West hollywood, CA

January 14, 2021

I had been contemplating this kit for awhile. I read all the negative reviews about how hard it was to remove the pins, (push the pins right to left to remove). But it was no problems! And the kit even comes with a gray, stabilizer block to help you do that pin removal! My kit’s window assembly wasn’t scratched or missing any paint, which was something I as worried about! The only thing is the instructions are a bit vague. The screws included for the kit are to replace the two crotch screws you remove as the new plate requires them. Other than that it’s made a rather boring figure a thousand times better!!

Bellefonte, PA

August 15, 2018

This turns a "meh" figure into a wondeful IDW representation of prime. It is also a challenge, but not TOO hard to do, so just installing is fun.

Johnson creek, WI

June 20, 2018

I ordered this awhile back, altogether a good upgrade set. Looks good, decently sturdy joints,pretty good with the original transformation HOWEVER I was really frustrated that I received two right lower leg armor pieces(from the knee down) instead of getting a right and a left. I would like to know if I could be sent one so I could have the completed kit.

Broomfield, CO

June 02, 2017

Paint fell off of his chest piece before I even had it out of the box. And though some pieces come under a lot of stress during assembly, that is not one of them. Just a bad paint job, pretty disappointing for the money spent.

Rahway, NJ

April 15, 2017

This is a well designed kit. The original John Bonhamtron kit was an amazing chapter in collecting Transformers.

You have to knock out 2 pins. One is easy the second is more challenging. And you're CW OP may have glue in this waist. But the kit is a nice stand in for IDW Prime.

My kit has significant red paint rub off the clearescent blue chest. I paid 50 bucks for this. So Im not too bothered. I dont think we will see SND produce anything else. And I would think twice about supporting them...

Tampa, FL

April 10, 2017

The paint on the chest is easy to peel off. Not good.

Omaha, Nebraska

October 31, 2016

This is a really impressive kit, it changes a mediocre CW Optimus to a nearly Master Piece size range. The Kit really changes the look of the character, in the humaniod form, the only recognizable part of the original fig was the arms. The instructions are absolutely horrible, do yourself a favor and watch a video how to do it.

Miami, florida

October 21, 2016

Is important to be very careful with both the screws from the figure and from the kit. The ones from the figure get stripped very fast or are already damage but the ones from the kit if you put much force to get tight connection the screw (from the kit) can break as it happened to me. When this happened i shaved the excess plastic from the part and used pliers to remove the half screw that was stuck on the waist part.

Springfield, VA

October 12, 2016

Saw this upgrade kit a while ago and wanted it. The CW Prime is not terrible, but anything but impressive. This kit really beefs up your figure into a new range. You get massive build up in the legs, shoulders, and chest. Not to mention the weapons. If you have a CW Prime figure, you can not go wrong this this kit.

Antelope, CA

October 05, 2016

We all know CW Optimus was given the short end of the stick when it comes to the Combiner wars line. With this badass kit you get a Masterpeice Sized IDW inspired Prime who out shines damn near all my other guys on my shelf. The instructions were horrible but after a quick google and a youtube video later and I was good to go. I love this kit and look forward to something for CW Megatron who needs a damn face lift.

Macomb, MI

September 28, 2016

First off, it looks great. I kind of want more in the combined mode; it looks skinny for a beefed up version of Optimus Prime. All three modes work and are great. The plastic quality could be slightly better, especially the crotch piece. They should have included both sides of it, instead of relying on the original Hasbro bits-also finding a way to fix the original hip issue. The weapons and new headsculpt alone make this kit worth the buy. The instructions are terrible. Bad pic angles, and lack of arrows to show exactly where things go. I suggest benscollectables video on youtube before tearing up into this kit. While it looks great, I wish some of the heavily stressed parts were made of a stronger plastic. Prime's solo robot mode looks 1000% better, but you will need PE's feet mods, as the heels on the original won't hold the thigh back heaviness.


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