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XP-01 Encore #20 Devastator Upgrade Kit | X2 Toys

XP-01 Encore #20 Devastator Upgrade Kit | X2 Toys


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Product Specs

Manufacturer X2 Toys
Series Encore

Head with LED �1, forearm �2, Elbow �2, Fist with finger actions �2, Chest Armour �1, Waist Armour �1, Abdomen �1, Thigh� 2, 360 Degree Revolvable Waist Parts � 2, Gun �1, G1 colour Cement Mixer �1, Bio Card on clear plastic card �1, Instruction Manual x 1

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Product Description


XP-01 Encore #20 Devastator Upgrade Kit | X2 Toys

ToyGeek code: XP01DEVA/58C

This great add-on kit is the perfect upgrade to your Encore #20 Devastator! Note: This is the Devastator upgrade kit, encore Devastator is sold separately. Additionally this works with Encore 20, but with DIY fixes, can be made to work with the G1 or "Reissue/KO" version of Devastator. TFsource is not responsible for any damaged caused by customers modifying this kit.

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars overall


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Delran, NJ

February 10, 2012

this upgrade set is a real let down. Fingers popping off, chest shield not staying securely, LED light is off center( but that is a very small gripe) and the part that connects Hook to Longhaul is too small, so you have to use great force to get Hook in, and then he gets squeezed forward and out, which somehow causes HHook to open which then knocks Bonecrusher off his peg, not to mention that the crotch guard, left flap, it's slot wasnt cut deep enugh, so one side's flap rests on the crotch and pops the whole piece of if you so much as move in it's direction. Very, very shoddy

Calgary, Alberta

January 31, 2012

I've purchased numerous third party merchandise and I've been very happy with the quality and look of each, until this I received this. The other reviews are pretty much bang on in terms of it's faults, but they were very generous in their reviews.

Here's what's wrong with this add-on
- The head attachment is too small for hook so it stretches when you put it on
- The finger tips on the hands fall off easily. I've had the product for about 24 hours and I've already lost 2 tips
- He can't hold his gun
- Devastator is now back heavy so he can barely stand
- The LED in the head is not centered.

Conclusion: Collectors should avoid this add-on.

Boynton beach, FL

January 26, 2012

To start things off this upgrade set is very nice looking. The purple of the thighs and chest plate match perfectly to the original pieces from the encore edition. The giant laser gun of his does have issues staying in the hands unless you use some sticky tack or putty. The fingers do like to fall apart on me but are easily put back on. He does have quite a good bit of movement in combined mode but its tricky to get a good pose due to scrapper and mixmaster sometimes like to move around too much. The waist piece is a lighter shade of green when compared to the rest of the set. But all of these problems aside this set is very nice if you are looking for an accurate version of devastator from the cartoon. Very cartoon accurate head, hands, forearms, and legs. I would say pick this set if you don't want to spend more than $200 not counting shipping on crazy devy upgrade parts and for only $50 before shipping you can pick up this set and have a very good looking version of everyone's favorite Decepticon combiner from season 1 and 2 of G1. He also works really well with the new cyberverse commanders and legion class figures since he just towers over them. All together i would highly recommend this upgrade set and to the folks from XTransbots thank you for giving us a very nice set at a reasonable price.

Coon rapids, MN

January 25, 2012

- Some fingers like to fall off even with minor movement depending on how they are positioned. My set has two 'loose' fingers on each hand.
- Forearms are fine. Limited forward/back movement, but can rotate and move inward/outward
- Head seems fine to me.
- Connector plate that snaps onto Hook seems a bit tight. Connects to Long Haul fine
- Chest shield too wide? Bonecrusher can't rotate without hitting it
- Waist shield not so good. Flaps can't rotate much before it wants to pop off Long Haul
- Mix Master Barrel feels like right size. Spins easily enough, but isn't loose.
- Thighs connect fine. I'm having trouble getting Devestator to keep his balance without leaning forward a bit.
- Rifle is OK, but grip should be longer. Combined with finger issues, it tends to want to be dropped.

Fingers are disappointing. Overall a decent value compared to CD parts, but the few CD parts I have feel like better quality items.

Grovetown, GA

January 25, 2012

All the parts look nice but worst thing about this addon are the fingers just when u open the hands fingers fall off also when u try to grip the gun the pop off too. Molding of the waist panel is a terrible off set like green and the groves aren't even unless I got a defective product. Suggest to but crazy devy parts or the junkion parts instead


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