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Exgraver | TFC Toys Hercules

Exgraver | TFC Toys Hercules


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Tfc Toys
Series Hercules

MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Out of Stock


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Product Description


Exgraver | TFC Toys Hercules

ToyGeek code: TFCHEXCG

Exgraver is the first of 6 figures by TFC toys, that combine together to form the mighty Hercules! When all combined, these six figures will present one of the most impressive combiners to date! Note: Pictures are of a prototype figure, final product will vary.

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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Dudley, MA

November 03, 2011

Well when you first get this toy much like is said about it you are taken aback by the fact it large. Really large for being one of six.

The homage exgraver pays is to scavenger whic if compared to the G1 figure there are many differances but yet you would never remeber them looking at the figure by its self.

Its as if this is the scavenger we expected more so than the G1 counterpart. The only real big differences are the wide shoulders and the lack of silver on the waste and chest like the original but also like I said the way they have executed this character your forget it all.

You will find your self thinking isnt this the way the character always looked.

It is amazing in all three modes with the only gripe being the black hands noticable in crane mode.

The use of Dev-hand is excellant in all three modes.

robot it is a purple backpack of sorts
crane it makes up the rear of the vehicle and covers the robot head ( Genious )

Right arm mode is just amazing using the treads as the fore arm and not haveing extra parts is been long over due. The hand and arm just really scream Dev----ucles :)

The whole set will no doubt be worth every penny.

Armidale, NSW

August 26, 2011

When i paid for this amazing fanmade constructicon i was full of excitment, however soon after i read and aricle on seibertron.com that there were problems with the feet, and cracking and breaking of the scoop attachment. Now i have obtained Exgraver i forgot about all the worry i had of terrible leg joints and a broken scoop.
Exgraver is an amazing piece of unofficial transformer merchandise, The scoop can be fitted as a scorpion tail on the back or as a extendable claw on one of the hands. The colour scheme and design of the toy is clearly a homage to Constructicon scrapper from G1. The head as a loose-ish feel, but i always get that feeling with ball jointed heads. The 'Hercules' mode (right arm) looks amazing with a very clever way to attach the fist to the rest of the body. The connection joints are the same as TF'S Energons 5 piece combiners, However i haven't tested to see if there connectible.
All in all, this is the best right arm constructicon you will find anywhere, who cares if it's not an official transformer (though in my oppinion this should have been Revenge Of The Fallens scavenger). However i shall treat the scoop with great caution, i'll fell more at ease when heavylabour arrives with the 'New' scoop for exgraver.

Victoria, BC

August 21, 2011

This guy is a monster on his own. THe build quality of the piece is excellent. I was hesitant because we had not seen the whole thing when Exgraver was first released but upon seeing him alone I am no longer worried. I can't wait for this guy to be complete!

Tucson, AZ

August 12, 2011

When I preordered this toy I worried about the BIG EXPENSIVE price. The one thing you never see is the size of this toy. THIS TOY IS HUGE. Exgraver is a voyager sized toy! I have paid $40 for toys that do not make it up to his waist! Hercules is going to be massive. All 3 of his modes are amazing, great articulation, great playability, beautiful color, amazing movement as Hercules arm. If you have any love for "Hercules" you must buy all six of these toys. You will not be dissappointed. I have the second one already preordered

Smithfield, Rhode Island

August 05, 2011

This figure is the first 3rd party Transformers toy I have bought and I was admittedly a bit hesitant to drop close to $100 on a Voyager-sized toy, but I gave it a shot because of the promise of a massive Devastator-like figure for my collection. What I didn't count on was how AMAZING this toy would be in it's own right. The size is great, the build is solid and the designers have managed to make a toy that looks flawless in 3 modes. Oftentimes, a Transformer looks as is so much attention was paid to one mode that compromises are made in the others. Not with the figure, Every piece fits great. Take the "scoop" for instance - it obviously is an essential part of the vehicle mode, but in robot mode it works great either as a giant claw weapon whne plugged into an available port on his arm) or a giant scorpion-like tail (when added to a port on his back). The figure gives you options on how you choose to display him, and the best part is that either choice you make looks great! The anticipation of the next release in the series, and future releases as the might Hercules is assembled is exciting. My only issue is that, seeing how great this robot mode is for the individual figure, and knowing how jaw-dropping Hercules will be, is that I know wish I could buy 2 of each in this set! Bottom line - 5 stars, worth every penny.


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