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OX-01 Spinout | Omnigonix

OX-01 Spinout | Omnigonix


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Omnigonix
Scale Legends Class

MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a factory Sealed box

Out of Stock



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Product Description


OX-01 Spinout | Omnigonix

ToyGeek code: OMINSPIN

Figure stands 16CM/6.3" Tall in robot mode. Please Note: This figure is known for the possibility of having a few QC issues. These issues may include less than ideal plastic quality, loose joints, or stress marks. Toygeek is unable to replace or accept a return of this figure if your purchase is affected with these QC issues. Other figures shown sold separately.

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars overall


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Harrisburg, PA

March 12, 2017

I read the reviews on this guy and got it anyway to see for myself... well turns out they are correct. Plastic is thin, feels flimsy, but the legs transform easier that sunsurge. The feet are pretty much locked in place so you don't get too many different stances or risk having it fall and get damaged. Ordered upgrade kit for the brittle shoulder/neck pieces. Just doesn't feel solid enough to even transform without feeling like you're going to break it. Can't wait to sell it at Comicon this spring. Displays well if you leave it alone somewhere stable.

Riverton, wyoming

November 24, 2016

Like other reviews, this figure has major quality control issues; loose joints, parts don't tab in place, parts fall off, etc. Since I modify my figures anyway, I can work round those problems. But the robot mode I believe is the closest representive of Sunstreaker out there. The reduced price makes up for the problems & the better robot look IMO.

Las vegas, NV

September 02, 2016

Falls apart left arm has right hand right arm has left hand simply falls apart transforming him out of the box in pieces the wheels fall off panels fall off Legos thrown at a wall stay together better

Homestead, FL

September 01, 2016

Avoid this figure. Instructions are vague at best and the mechanics of articulating the head are finicky. I recommend either getting Badcube's version of Sunstreaker or wait until Takara does an official version in the future.

Hatboro, PA

August 04, 2016

-Awesome alt mode. The car looks great. like a crossbreed between a 25th anniversary Countach front end & 500s rear. Not entirely accurate to lamborghini enthusiasts, but then again he's always been an insanely tuned up lambo so there are no limitations here right?
-nice bot mode. Not quite cartoon accurate, but proportionately it looks good, although the chest seems large. Total opposition to Badcube Sunsurge's small chest
-wheels are for show & not function. They often fall off, along with many other parts including the top fender area for the front feet & also the spoiler
-wrist segments are poorly held on making them separate often
-weird transformation methods that include, but not limited to his giraffe-like neck mechanism & a pliable piece that pretty much needs to bend (almost like rubber) to be placed for transformation
-can be carefully posed, but most joints are very loose & it can become a task making him stay upright
Overall thoughts... This guy has potential if they ever retool & tweak it, but as it stands now: Visually it's very nice but, overall quality is lacking in a bad way! Definitely not worth the asking price. I was lucky enough to get it for $49 on a TF source sale. I'd say that's a fair price. Personally if you are looking for a masterpiece Sunstreaker, I'd say 100% badcube Sunsurge, but if you can find this guy @ the right price go for it, but be ready to pick up some pieces off the floor, or even this figure after he falls from poor stability. This guy would surly give Ratchet & Wheeljack some trouble @ the shop.

Columbia, MD

July 30, 2016

I bought this one on sale, half off. For that price it's fine. It didn't have any of the flash issues, but I see some of the QC and design concerns. It's a little flimsy, and can be difficult to tab together. But it's in scale with most MP figures. It has an alternate head sculpt and decent accessories. My main beef is really that while it has good ankle and knee mobility, it lacks a good waist pivot, so posing is limited. For a new company I'd give consideration to future efforts. This one is a mixed bag, but if you like the character, and it's on sale it's not the worst purchase.

Gold coast, queensland

June 17, 2016

Preordered & Paid for this one around 12 months before it came out, then got very concerned when I heard all the negatives about this figure when released.
Fortunately my item was not as badly afflicted with the issues other folks have experienced.
Some of the engineering & design could have been better thought out, the wheels unclipping and not rolling well , some of the leg & head joins etc
Had mainly plastic flash issues that needed a good tidy up with a hobby knife.
I feel it looks good overall with the other MP Autobots , however considering some of the QC issues most others have experienced , TF Source should be selling Spinout at least $20-30 dollars cheaper.
$94 odd dollars is pretty steep for a figure with such QC problems.

Omaha, Nebraska

June 02, 2016

I had such high hopes for this figure, but I was sorely disappointed. Shortly after taking it out of the box before even attempting to transform it, the front wheel fell off. It's held on by a tiny screw that is barely long enough to catch any threads. While trying to screw the wheel back on, the piece it mounts to just popped off. Admittedly, that did make it easier to fix the wheel, but it's not a very secure design. Hardly anything pegs into place in anything resembling a secure manner. Press on the lower chest in robot mode and the pegs holding the head up come out. The doors are supposed to rotate down beside the feet, but they are too close and force the feet to tilt inward at a sharp angle. The hip joints are loose so getting it to stand with that wide stance won't work either. Last but not least, it came with two right hands. At first I thought I had to rotate something around, but alas there is really a right hand on the left arm. SMH! For as long as it took to get this figure to market, they should have worked out the bugs. Omnigox is definitely off my list of third party companies to buy from. Don't waste your money on this.

Richmond, BC

June 01, 2016

I'm quite disappointed. It looks great from the product photos, but the plastic is cheap, transformation is floppy and very difficult, the whole top of the car has fallen off, and it can't hold any pose. It looks great in car mode, but don't even bother trying to transform it into robot mode.

Dallas, TX

May 18, 2016

This thing is great looking..in car mode. Robot mode has issues! Very loose joints. Flimsy way of attaching head. Hinges flap open by merely tilting and gravity does the rest. Very disappointed. I had such hopes.


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