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PS-04 Azalea | Mastermind Creations Ocular Max Perfection Series

PS-04 Azalea | Mastermind Creations Ocular Max Perfection Series


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Mastermind Creations
Size 7.1 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Series Ocular Max
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Product packaging has been opened
Alt Mode Sports Car

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Product Description


PS-04 Azalea | Mastermind Creations Ocular Max Perfection Series

ToyGeek code: PS04AZALEA-B/E4

PS-04 Azalea is a Masterpiece Scale Scaled figure manufactured by Mastermind Creations and part of their Ocular Max sub-brand.  PS-04 Azalea is part of the Perfection Series toyline, she stands 7.1-inches tall and transforms from a robot to Sports Car and back.


OX Azalea has amazing articulation including pulled down hip joint, double ab crunch, double elbow and knee joints to handle a range of dynamic poses. The rich accessory pack includes spare faces and hands add great play value to the figure. The minimal backpack and feminine body sculpt resulted from the unique transformation design make her a real stand out from similar products.


PS-04 Azalea stands at a mighty 7.1 tall, is scaled to masterpiece size, and transforms from Sports Car to robot and back.  PS-04 Azalea transforms easily and every part of the figure features durable plastic construction and remarkably smooth articulation.


Don't miss out on this amazing figure and pick up your Ocular Max PS-04 Azalea today from Toygeek—your one stop shop for your 3rd Party collecting needs.

  • Item comes MIB (Mint in Box) and the packaging of the item has been opened. Original Packaging Is Included.

Product Features

  • Toy Series: Ocular Max
  • Toy Size: 7.1 inches
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Alt Mode:Sports Car
  • Third party figure
  • Third party figure
  • Amazing articulation
  • Transforms from robot to futuristic sports car
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Product packaging has been opened

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x Azalea Figure
  • 3 x Face Plates
  • 3 x Gesture Hands
  • 2 x Pistols
  • 1 x Bio card
  • 1 x Tech Spec Decoder

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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Springfield, PA

February 08, 2020

Was never a huge fan of the character, but no season 3 display is complete without her, so you're kinda forced to get one, just a matter of which.

The bad:
- Probably the biggest problem; she has extremely tiny feet and no heel spur, so getting her to stand is hard enough, worrying she will fall at the slightest bump is a concern, so basically have to prop her or get a figure stand.
- The backpack has some really thin/floppy plastic/hinges so be careful not to over-stress it; it took awhile to get mine to hold quite right.
- Swapping hands is bordering on parts-forming, only I have that does that, but given her size i guess we can give that a pass.
- Shes slightly shorter than she should be in robot mode when compared other MP scale figures.

The good:
- Very efficient packaging, she comes in car mode and her box is just barely bigger than her...very tiny.
- Her legs and feet are diecast, so shes got some weight, value for your money
- Very posable and decent shelf presence, she catches the eye with show/movie accurate colored paint.
- Backpack aside her transformation is relatively easy and both modes fit the bill.

Given the size constraints they had to work with the engineering is honestly impressive. Getting her to stand without toppling is probably the biggest problem with this figure. Other than that shes a decent figure that looks good on the self. Is she worth $95 given the good and bad?....Thats a tough call, right on the border of 'too much' and 'acceptable'.

Leander, TX

September 16, 2019

Azalea is quite honestly the closet to a show perfect rendition to the character she is based and is easily possible in a variety of mostly well-articulated stances (legs are a bit stiff).

The packaging is tight and secure so I had no fears that she'd have any damage. The box itself has a pleasing 80s hobby feel to it that is great. The character card on the inside was a nice edition as it list the stats (great for my homebrew TF game) without using the line graph that is on the outside box.

The figure itself has a nice weight to it and is bottom-heavy so no fears of easily falling over. The transformation is pretty easy and for most of it, the instructions aren't needed. The backpack - as others have said - is fiddly and I damn near broke the fenders off trying to get them to rest where they were supposed to.

The replacement hands are easy to move and change, but the faces can be annoying, I would suggest using the eraser side of a pencil to push the replacements faces.

4 out of 5 stars due to fiddly backpack and directions that are hard to follow (making the easy transformation far more important).

South albury, NSW

June 23, 2019

This figure is cool, funny how she is a 3rd party figure, and although the first (not) G1 Arcee, I don't think that a better job could be done, bot and vehicle modes both pretty "movie" accurate, articulation is 5 star, as is transform, back pack can be a little fiddly, but don't let that turn you off. I could see taktom/hastak just buying up the rights to the figure and upsizing her a little and re releasing her. Awesome, the pictures speak for themselves. I only have on small issue of a gap in her chest, at the pivot point, it's annoying to know that it's there, but not noticeable enough that I'm worried about it that much. 4 stars, because of the gap.

Gresham, OR

May 23, 2019

I recently sold my FT Rogue and pre ordered Azalea and just recieved it. Excellent decision i made,the figure is soo much easier to stand,transform and adjust. I love this figure and highly recommend it over Rogue BY FAR!

Grosse ile, MI

April 15, 2019

Not only does this figure perfectly capture the look, but the vehicle mode as well. The accessories and props that come with the figure also contribute to the authentic feel of the whole item.

Furthermore, the box the item comes in is not only strong and sturdy, but also very aesthetically pleasing.

I'm a big fan of Mastermind Creations, and this addition to their lineup ensures that I will keep my eye out for their further releases.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Goicoechea, San José

February 17, 2019

I initially reserved the "other" version of Arcee but after seeing some early reviews I decided to delay my decision and wait for this version. Finally I bought this one because I scaled better with MP Hot Rod. I think the other figure (which is taller) looks better with other versions of season 3 that I don't own, so this was the logical pick. This version also is more articulated and easier and fun to transform (at least from what I could see from reviews). The only issue I have is that is not easy to pose her standing. I think is more an issue with the character (having small feet) than the design itself, because most if not all the other versions have issues standing. Anyway, I'm enjoying a lot my purchase, hope it helps!

Brooksville, FL

February 11, 2019

Mastermind Creations' Azalea is fantastic! SOOO compact, and clean car mode. Intuitive transformation, with not too many steps, or fiddly bits. Her color is just right, ankle articulation is very generous as well. Die cast from the shins to the feet help with decent stability. I like the variety of hands to choose from. Azalea's back pack is more compact and clean. Her face sculpt, and robot mode are close to G1 accurate to me. Car mode-that goes to FansToys Rouge. The guns, with their handle switch feature is cleverly done, that can attach to her hips as well as the back of the car. MMC has provided a balanced figure-it has a good display presence, and has such good articulation, and playability, which will appeal to all kinds of collectors. My 1986 Movie cast is now complete......Azalea is the best masterpiece version, and even if another company puts out one as good as this, she is perfect for what I've been looking for, in a Transformers Arcee.

Franklin, OH

February 08, 2019

Don't let reviewers scare you about her size.She is a true MP size figure that scales perfectly with Takara's Mp line.Her only flaw is her alt mode and even that is passable.Best attempt at an Arcee I have seen.


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