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HS15 HS16 Mini Car Gift Set | Hot Soldiers

HS15 HS16 Mini Car Gift Set | Hot Soldiers


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Product Specs

Toygeek Vintage Toygeek Vintage Department
Manufacturer Hot Soldiers
Size 3.0 inches
  • Loose, 100% Complete
  • All Parts and Accessories Included
  • Instruction Manual Included
  • Repro label may be applied

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Product Description


HS15 HS16 Mini Car Gift Set | Hot Soldiers

ToyGeek code: HS15HS16

HS15 HS16 from Mech Warriors is a giftset including two mini cars one red and one yellow! Each transforms from robot to a small car and back and features a bazooka/missile launcher and a pistol. Each figure stands approximately 3"/9CM tall in robot mode. Enter Hot Soldiers by Mech Planet: Mini warriors that are mini scaled robots that transform from vehicle to robot and back!

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 3.0 inches
  • Loose, 100% Complete
  • All Parts and Accessories Included
  • Instruction Manual Included

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars overall


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Bellbrook, OH

July 18, 2020

I've had my eye on this set for a while, mostly because I'm a Cliffjumper fan. I love how the red figure in this set looks so much like the G1 version of Cliff. His robot mode is not only spot on, but his alt mode is very reminiscent of his original penny racer Takara design, as well as his G1 cartoon design. The figure is nice and solid feeling with good joints and nice plastic. The color scheme is nice too, and I do like how they painted the windows and head. The yellow figure is the same figure, only with a head sculpt and paint scheme to look like Hubcap. While he's probably nobody's favorite character, the fact that they included him and the set isn't much more than an individual figure is nice. He's pretty much a bonus figure and bonus figures are always nice. Both figures scale nicely with a Hasbro CHUG collection, the robots are about the same height as a Legends class figure.

Aside from the figures, you also get generous accessories. You get two each of the weapons, one that looks like Cliffjumper's big canon from More Than Meets the Eye Part 1 and one that looks like his gas glass gun. One of each weapon is painted silver, the other is molded in dark gray. You also get four back filler pieces, one each in red, yellow, dark gray and black. And, you also get a minifig style Spike.

So, all said and done, this is a great value set that includes a couple of great figures and a lot of neat accessories.

Alexandria, VA

July 08, 2020

For small legends I don't know what I expected, but this set just feels cheap. The bazookas are nice with the tripod legs. The plastic isn't bad, but the overall feel is just not there for me.

Southampton, NY

May 27, 2019

In a world full of Cliffjumpers that are simply red Bumblebees, it'd make sense to release a Legends-scale Cliffjumper in the 3P market. Sadly, it also makes sense to make back the production cost by including an otherwise unmemorable character like Hubcap out of the same mold, especially taking into consideration Cliffjumper's smaller awareness compared to Bumblebee.

So how are the figures?

Vehicle mode is modeled after the original G1 toy as opposed to the actual vehicle it was modeled after. It's not the best look, but it is servicable. Cliffjumper's Glass Gun can also be stored on the vehicle's backside, though sadly the bazooka cannot be stored anywhere.

The robot mode is somewhat more problematic. The torso's blocky inhuman shape looks very peculiar, especially when taking the dinky arms and skinny legs into account. The transformation engineering lends itself quite well to the arm and leg articulation joint-wise. However, the lack of a waist swivel and ankle tilts, combined with the somewhat obstructed pelvis flap will also hinder posing possibility, though not to any strong degree. The set also includes "backpack" parts made to fill in the large gap in the robot mode's back, while while it works to do so, has nowhere to go when the figure is in car mode.

The weapons are unfortunately another mark against the figure. The set includes two sets of two weapons, one painted in silver (as opposed to the gray seen in screenshots) and one cast in black. The "Glass Gun" feels very undersized, while the bazooka faires slightly better, and can be stored on the robot mode's back

It should be noted that the Hubcap figure included with this set shares the exact same mold as the Cliffjumper figure aside from the head, so everything mentioned to him can be applied.

I can only recommend this set if you really feel you need a G1-accurate Cliffjumper in your CHUG-styled collection, or you have a rare fondness for Hubcap. Otherwise it might be best to wait until something better comes along.


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