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R-08 Azalea the Avenger | Mastermind Creations Reformatted

R-08 Azalea the Avenger | Mastermind Creations Reformatted


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Mastermind Creations
Size 5.5 inches
Scale Reformatted Scale , Deluxe Class
Series Reformatted
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Sports Car

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Product Description


R-08 Azalea the Avenger | Mastermind Creations Reformatted

ToyGeek code: MMC-R08AZALEA

R-08 Azalea the Avenger is a Reformatted Scale figure that is approximately Reformatted Scale Scale, stands 5.5-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from Sports Car to robot and back.  R-08 Azalea the Avenger is part of Mastermind Creations Reformatted Series of Figures and Part of the Warriors Toyline. 


Mastermind Creations reformatted line ranges from smaller, approximately deluxe-scale figures to the much larger leader class figures. With impeccable quality and masterful construction, each Mastermind Creations 3rd party figure features highly articulated joints and diecast parts, not to mention a beautiful color scheme unique to each figure in the line. On top of that, Mastermind Creations figures are set at the perfect price point for collectors. 


Don't miss out on this amazing figure and be sure to check out the rest of the Mastermind Creations 3rd Party Figures available at Toygeek. Pick up your R-08 Azalea the Avenger today from Toygeek—your one stop shop for your 3rd Party collecting needs.

Product Features

  • Toy Series: Reformatted
  • Toy Size: 5.5 inches
  • Scale: Reformatted Scale, Deluxe Class
  • Alt Mode:Sports Car
  • Third party figure
  • Made of plastic
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x R-08 Azalea Figure
  • 2 x Swords
  • 1 x Bio Card

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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Fort collins, CO

February 22, 2019

Since I got this figure, both the Thrilling 30 and Titans Return Arcees have released. The T30 Arcee has some appeal because of its nostalgic look, but this is definitely the better action figure. Azalea feels fragile because of the complexity of her construction, but she's also light enough to survive the occasional drop - plenty durable if you're an adult collector.

The only real shortcoming next to a Hasbro release is that the colors do seem bland since the paint apps are minimal. I've been very tempted to detail her with a wash of black and/or silver paint to give her a bit of texture, but I hate to risk tampering with a $60 figure.

Erlanger, KY

April 03, 2017

Great item; would recommend anyone that likes 3rd party, I would even classify this as close to masterpiece and it is inventive in style and look.

Ellicott city, MD

January 15, 2017

This figure was my first dive into the vast (and pricey!) world of 3rd party Transformers toys. This in particular is based on the IDW iteration of Arcee, one of my favorite characters in the series. Now, for the toy itself...

It's basically perfect. The transformation is rather convoluted, but is still possible. The alternate mode is abstract but still has the features it needs just to deviate enough from a folded robot. It's also comic-accurate, and contains weapon storage as well as a small display stand. The side flaps at the front can be removed and shifted to form a much thinner look, making more of a nosecone right at the front. There are also wings in each shin that can fold out if it is to your aesthetic taste. Lots of options here.

Like I said, the transformation is extremely finicky, and I'd recommend Vangelus' instructional video on Azalea's tranformation on YouTube. I'd also recommend removing the flaps before you start and replacing them after the rest is done.

As far as the robot mode, it's spot-on. Despite some color discrepancies, it's a near-perfect representation of the Character Spotlight IDW Arcee. The arms feel a little small to me, but that's at the cost of being able to transform, which is well worth it.

The articulation is expressive and better than most toys in general I've handled, only being beat out but purely humanoid action figures such as SH Figuarts. As far as accessories go, she contains two sword and guns. They're adequate and get the job done when posing. She also can use the vehicle mode stand as a heel brace in robot mode, improving stability. It's not needed, but it's a welcome addition.

This is a near perfect toy, as there's little wrong to speak of. It executes all it's purposes well, and is much cheaper than most third party offerings. I'd absolutely recommend any fan of Arcee or the character design to purchase this figure.

Liberty, KY

February 21, 2016

This is a good, high-quality product. Mastermind Creations have produced an excellent figure that is packed with articulation and features. I will more than likely order from them again.

Lonsdale, MN

January 10, 2016

I only give 4 stars because mine arrived with 2 right hands. TFSource did send a replacement left hand in 2 days of hearing from me about that defect though. So otherwise this was a great figure. A little bit of a challenge to get into her hover car mode but looks great in that mode. Definetly getting the other versions of this mold.

Doral, FL

November 02, 2015

Let me start by saying that this was my 1st MMC purchase ever, and I was NOT disappointed. everything about Azalea is top notch, the materials used, the tolerances, the engineering, the articulation, the accessories, the paint... reagrding the paint, it's well applied and doesn't smudge or fabe or flake or anything, BUT, a silver face and yellow eyes would've been better, since that's how she looked in the IDW comics, which was very clearly the design inspiration for this figure. The one minor (or mayor, depending on who you ask) issue that I have with MMC's Azalea, is transformation from bot to alt mode, very finicky indeed, if something is not lined up or tabbed in just right, you might not be able to move forward or the alt mode will fall apart, once you get around it though, the alt mode is a very nice, sleek, IDW inspired space cruiser. The bottom line is this: excellent figure, very well constructed, very cool looking, but the most fun of transformations, don't worry though, it WILL NOT break on you.

Royal oak, MI

April 20, 2015

How the heck can a toy this small, with so many tiny joints, feel this sturdy? My biggest worry about getting this toy was worrying that I'd break her. That worry is gone. This plastic is AMAZING. Even with some of the more nerve-wracking parts of her transformation (in particular, looping her head through her backpack), I haven't seen or felt any stress on the plastic.

Poseability is off the charts, even with her rather enormous backpack. Plus I like how the plethora of joints and pegs means you have a lot of choices for you you want the alt mode to look. Though the downside to this is how this means it's really hard to get the back end perfectly symmetrical.

The only part I feel *might* break are the hinges on the swords. Would have liked those a little stronger. But I love how many places you can stick the swords and guns on in both modes, and I love the clever little pink stand that either gives stability to any pose in robot mode, or makes the vehicle look like it's hovering.

This toy is full of good ideas and good engineering.

Burnsville, MN

April 12, 2015

I like this figure a lot, but I have to give it 4 stars just because the transformation seems needlessly fiddly. I love a complex transformation, but this one seems a bit more trying than it needed to be.

That said, the alt mode is a little small, but the bot mode is awesome. These figures have amazing posability and can really be put in some neat action stances, aided by the stand from the alt mode. Definitely a great value for the cost, and definitely great figures.

Dallastown, PA

January 23, 2015

While it was a little smaller than I thought, it is a must have for any true Transformers collector. A perfect rendition of one of my favorite G1 Transformers!

Modesto ca, CA

November 28, 2014

Great figure love how fun the transformation is once you get it down

Houston, TX

November 03, 2014

This is one super happy fun toy. Poseability is redonculous. She has a fiddly transformation the first time, but it's easy after that. Couldn't be happier. Bravo, MMC.


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