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Kingorilla and Kongor EAVI Metal Phase 9A | KFC Toys

Kingorilla and Kongor EAVI Metal Phase 9A | KFC Toys


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Verified authentic vintage product by the Toygeek vintage department.  Ships from the Toygeek Vintage Department.

Product Specs

Toygeek Vintage Toygeek Vintage Department
Manufacturer Kfc Keiths Fantasy Club
Size 9.4 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Series Eavi Metal
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Product packaging has been opened
  • Repro label may be applied
Alt Mode Gorilla

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Product Description


Kingorilla and Kongor EAVI Metal Phase 9A | KFC Toys


Kingorilla and Kongor by KFC Toys is a Masterpiece Scale scaled 3rd party triple changer figure that transforms from a Gorilla to plane to robot and back.  Kingorilla and Kongor figure stands 9.4 inches tall in robot mode and scales to other figures from KFC Toys and to other Masterpiece Scale scaled figures already in your collection. 


Keith's Fantasy Club's figures include many must have items for the discerning 3rd Party collector.  KFC Toys EAVI METAL line features high quality construction using ABS plastic, rubber for the tires, die-cast parts.  They make use of modern design techniques, and precision engineering for all figures in their EAVI Metal 3rd party figure line.


Start your Keiths Fantasy Club Collection today with Kingzilla and Komodus.   Add this highly sought after piece to your collection today at Toygeek, your source for 3rd Party collectible transforming figures.

Product Features

  • Toy Series: Eavi Metal
  • Toy Size: 9.4 inches
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Alt Mode:Gorilla
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Product packaging has been opened

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x Kingorilla Figure
  • 1 x Kongor Figure
  • 2 x LED Laser Guns
  • 2 x Thruster Flame Effect Piece
  • 1 x Clear Jet Stand
  • 2 x Magnets
  • 1 x Bio Card
  • Instructions

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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Tempe, AZ

May 06, 2019

All modes look great, specially the jet mode, all the joints are sturdy as hell! Filled up with ratchets, this figure can keep any pose you want it to stay! The flight stand is a nice addition to display it in jet mode.

The guns are a bit difficult to peg in his hands but you can eventually make it with a bit of patience..

Eureka springs, AR

October 03, 2018

Big and hefty like his counterpart Kingzilla. Great paint and style choices in him. Antad irritating to transform to ape mode and I honestly think this is where he loses a star. His Ape forearms and hands and lowerlegs and feet are just too spindly looking.
All in all he is a good piece just a tad off looking in Ape mode due to proportions.
On another note. Now tahtmimhave him and Kingzilla I feel the 3p headmasters are too large and bulky. They just stand too far apart from Masterpiece in bulk and height IMHO. An overall 10 percent reduction in size would certainly solve the issue.

Claremont, NH

October 05, 2017

An enormous backpack that doesn’t plug in. Wide ratchets that fail. Tippy and back heavy. Not at all fun to mess with. Get it to stand and put it somewhere in the back of your shelf.

Las vegas, NV

July 10, 2017

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Las vegas, NV

July 10, 2017

I don't normally buy KFC items, due to QC issues in the past but this piece knocked it out of the park!

Fantastic looking in each mode, very hefty, and a fantastic headmaster warrior. Definitely a must have.

Triple changer horrorcon looking great.

Taunton, MA

June 29, 2017

KFC has a... questionable... track record. My personal previous experiences with their product were with the average-on-a-good day Tempest and the decent, but cheap-feeling Overslay and Haymaker. I cautiously preordered Kingorilla, as I really like the look of it, and I've wanted an updated version of Apeface for decades, now. I almost cancelled my preorder after reading the botch KFC made of the seemingly promising Ditka - visually, my favorite of the Blitzwing imposters. I rode it out, though, and I'm glad I did. Kingorilla is excellent. It's burly, solid, and looks great in all three modes. Early complaints about the gigantic backpack were unfounded, in my opinion - the thing looks like a jet pack unit, and doesn't hurt the aesthetic at all. I did not experience the issues with the weapons dropping from the hands, tabs not lining up correctly (notably unlike Tempest), or breaking gorilla fingers reported in test samples. I can't confirm if these were a final production improvements, or if I received an unusually good copy. Since all three are accounted for, I lean towards the former. I'm not in love with this he face sculpt - I wish KFC went with an upscale version of the awesome Titans Return Apeface - but there's to be an improved one packaged with Kingzilla. After the very impressive showing with Kingorilla, I'm definitely on board for that next release.


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