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JJ-02 Jet Commander Combiner Set of 5 | Jujiang

JJ-02 Jet Commander Combiner Set of 5 | Jujiang


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Jujiang
Size 18.0 inches
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
  • Jet Concord Figure Comes Bagged

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Product Description


JJ-02 Jet Commander Combiner Set of 5 | Jujiang


JuJiang - JJ-02 Jet Commander is the combined form of all the supersonic planes that combine together to form the mighty Jet Commander! This set includes all 5 individually packaged jets. Figure is approximately MP Scaled standing 45CM/18" tall in robot mode and scaled well with Power of the Primes Predaking and other figures this size. Figures are made of ABS plastic.  Note:  Jet Concord comes bagged and not boxed. 

Set Includes:
- 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02A Jet Concorde
- 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02B Jet Harrier
- 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02C Jet Phantom
- 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02D Jet Eagle
- 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02E Jet Falcon
- Combined hand x2 combined foot x2, small guns x4, big gun x1, Shield x1
- Small guns + big gun + shield can combine to be a Jet commander weapon
- Made of ABS Plastic
- Jet commander has multiple joints that allow for a high level of posability and display a variety of postures with clear detail

Product Features

  • Small guns + big gun + shield can combine to be a Jet commander weapon
  • Made of ABS Plastic
  • Jet commander has multiple joints that allow for a high level of posability and display a variety of postures with clear details
  • Jet Concord Figure comes mint and in unused codition and is bagged
  • Toy Size: 18 inches.
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition
  • Jet Concord Figure Comes Bagged

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02A Jet Concorde
  • 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02B Jet Harrier
  • 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02C Jet Phantom
  • 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02D Jet Eagle
  • 1 x JuJiang - JJ-02E Jet Falcon
  • 2 x Combiner hand 
  • 2 x Combiner foot
  • 4 x Small guns
  • 1 x Big gun
  • 1 x Shield 

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

JJ-02 Jet Commander Combiner Set of 5 includes Jet Concorde, Jet Harrier, Jet Phantom, Jet Eagle and Jet Falcon!

JJ-02 Jet Commander Combiner Set of 5 stands at 18 inches tall combined!

JJ-02 Jet Commander Combiner Set of 5 is highly articulated!

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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Boise, Idaho

November 22, 2020

When I ordered my Aerialbot uniter team. I didn't check out the size scale. But I just love my voyager sized Aerialbots. And would love to have a voyager sized combaticon team as well. 👍👀😁 it Rocks 🎸!!!!.....

Erie, PA

October 19, 2020

My Order is fantastic looking everything looks good my biggest complaint is that it came with no instructions or decals. Other than that its a good buy.

Wesley chapel, FL

September 17, 2020

Really wish these figures had come with their instructions, but the transformations were really easy to figure out even without them.

The individual figures are pretty solid—though let's admit it, you aren't getting this set for the individual bots! The combined mode was really solid at first, but the joints have loosened up slightly over time (still not bad, but it cannot hold the gun at arm's length anymore without both hands supporting it).

The cannon is nice, but the combined mode figure has a little difficulty with it, even with the tabs in the gun and hand.

Overall, a great figure, but it could have been a bit better with some improvements. Definitely one of the better values for combiner sets at the sale price ($119 US at the time of purchase for me).

Corpus christi, TX

July 20, 2020

It’s fantastic and the size is perfect

Pasadena, CA

May 31, 2020

Its a great figure for it price and i wil say that the joints are incredibly and some of best posing i have seen for a combiner in a long time

Sunnyside, WA

April 28, 2020

Great figures for the price! Perfect to display with Titans devastator and predaking.

Altamonte spring, FL

April 23, 2020

People that have bought this are comparing it with a master piece and may not give it a 5 star. It may not have that look. It has more of a cartoon look and I love it. I have the TFC version of Superion as well, and after a short while, the joints started getting loose to the point that its hard to stand him up at all (frustrating). Jet Commander has strong joints that will last for a long time. and he looks more screen accurate. The only negative is the legs having the planes towards the front instead of towards the back of the legs, but there is an easy fix for that. look up in you tube, Ben's collection Jet commander. I am super happy with this figure, all 5 figures came with boxes, no instructions, but easy transformations. Good quality plastic (stronger than my masterpiece MP11's) nice size and great price. I wish I would have bought this before spending the money on the TFC version.

Chicago, IL

April 17, 2020

Not a Masterpiece quality but if you just want a Superion that does not break the bank then go for this guy. Scales well with combiner wars devy. No instructions but easy to figure out.

Temple hills, MD

April 09, 2020

It comes with no instructions, the plastic is cheap and a lack of details, but the size is nice.

Point roberts, WA

April 05, 2020

I think if I paid more I would be disappointed with this figure. While it does scale beautifully with cw devastator, Im a box collector and silverbolt does not come with a box. Firefly and and slingshot have this back piece that gets in the way when they're the arm for superion. It's very flimsy plastic and I have a stress mark in mine because of thr friction.

Copperas cove, TX

March 29, 2020

I was waiting for this set for some time, and decided to go ahead and order it! I am glad I did! It looks incredible in my collection! The combined jets tower over everyone on the shelf! The only bummer was no instructions, but YouTube has a few to watch!

Fremont, IN

February 15, 2020

Neck and neck with Combiner Wars Devastator. Many are saying this is an upscaled Unite Warriors Superion, but that isn't correct. The transformations are definitely heavily influenced by said figure, however they are original sculpts. This is a Superior figure, with ratchet joints throughout and fantastic poseability. The paint applications are a little sparse and you will want to add some silver to several of the faces. Lots of mold release used and it may feel a bit greasy, so you will need some warm soapy water (apply lightly as the pins and screws are NOT stainless). I ordered some Autobot decals from toyhax.com (wish they sold there stuff on tfsource) and i think that will help sell the illusion. There are several sharp corners on all the figures so be mindful as many of the joints/tabs are stiff. Of note all of the 4 "limb" jets can be any arm or leg, so you can approximate the look of any era of Superion.

Carrboro, NC

February 06, 2020

This is Combiner War Superion upscaled and upgraded. The upgrades are very well done and the toys remain very fun and easy to transform. Plastic quality is good and joints are nice and tight, with Ratchets on most of them. Highly recommended if you're looking for a large Superion on a budget.

Pflugerville, TX

December 26, 2019

I received my figure in a few days after placing .y order and it looks great along with my collection.

Weymouth, MA

December 24, 2019

If you can find a Jet Commander for 130 or less, it is definitely worth the price. He is a good 18 inches tall combined, and has great poseability with patience.

Cons are he has a lot of extraneous kibble. Wings and cockpits galore. Very weak hip ratchets that barely hold the weight of his upper torso, and garishly huge feet to distribute weight for the weak hip joints. All in all though he shines when posed well, and is a good figure.

New york, NY

December 19, 2019

Ju-Jiang’s “not” Superion is superior to the Combiner Wars figure. Easy to transform. Right joints. A lot of remolding. I’m hoping they do other gestalts. The only fail is women storage and one of my figures came with two left hands. I would definitely recommend this.

Las vegas, NV

December 05, 2019

I brought this kits on Black Friday. It’s cheaper price than usual. But when I got my order, I was disappointed. The jet Concorde doesn’t even comes with box... and all five figures are no instructions. It’s made looks like pre-own ...

Miamisburg, OH

September 29, 2019

Quality plastic, fun to transform, individual figures have great details and the combined mode Superion is very posable and scales really well with the Siege line imho. I picked this up for $130 and it is a fantastic bargan and welcom addition to my collection.

They also scale really well with the Siege line.

Box elder, SD

September 01, 2019

For the price this is an awesome figure. Looks great and holds up well

Rifle, CO

August 31, 2019

This is a really cool addition to my collection. An Affordable 3rd Party Superion. My only issue was unlike the Jin Bao sets it did not come with transformation instructions, Joints are tight, details are good, holds poses very well, nearly the same height of Hasbro's Titans Return Trypticon.

Philadelphia, PA

August 23, 2019

Looks great but has its issues withstanding up, otherwise a great looking Superion

Sandusky, OH

February 25, 2019

where do i start , its the size of a titan class figure from hasbro . almost all of the joints on this thing is strong and tight, but that's also a bad thing because some of them shouldn't be that tight which you feel like you might break it , plus my JuJiang - JJ-02D Jet Eagle has two left hands uuugh if its on sale buy it otherwise its not really what there asking for it . its just a glorified combiner wars superion

Jacksonville, FL

January 09, 2019

While not on the same level engineering wise as a Masterpiece figure, this is still better quality and engineering than the Combiner Wars figures.


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