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FT-29 Quietus | Fans Toys

FT-29 Quietus | Fans Toys


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Fans Toys
Size 10.6 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
  • Loose, 100% Complete
Alt Mode Jet

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Product Description


FT-29 Quietus | Fans Toys

ToyGeek code: FT29QUIET

FT-29 Quietus takes your collection to the next level with this Masterpiece scaled, highly articulated 3rd Party transformable figure.  This figure stands 10.6-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from a Jet to robot and back.  FT-29 Quietus is Masterpiece scaled and will scale to other Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece series figures, 3rd Party Masterpiece scaled as well as other Fans Toys items aleady in your collection.


Fans Toys creates some of the most popular, coolest and creative premium 3rd Party figures available around.  Fans Toys produces Masterpiece-scaled figures that are full of detail and the ideal collectible for the serious collector.  Each Fans Toys 3rd Party figure is manufactured to the highest standards. Most figures contain highly detailed, die-cast parts and you’ll find them to be versatile, articulate and durable.


Start your Fans Toys Collection today with FT-29 Quietus. Add this highly sought after piece to your collection today at Toygeek, your source for Fans Toys and 3rd Party collectible transforming figures.

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 10.6 inches
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Alt Mode:Jet
  • Third party figure
  • Reissue
  • Transforms from robot to space jet
  • Includes mini transforming figure
  • Other figures shown sold separately
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • Loose, 100% Complete

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x FT-29 Quietus Figure
  • 1 x Alternate Head
  • 1 x Blaster
  • 2 x Katana Swords
  • 1 x Mini Transforming Figure

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Fans Toys FT-29 Quietus in his space jet alt mode!

Fans Toys FT-29 Quietus includes 2 katana swords!

FT-29 Quietus is versatile, articulate and durable!

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars overall


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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

September 25, 2022

Just order him. He's amazing. 5/5+

Accessories are unreal. Basically get idw and movie version.

Lenexa, KS

April 20, 2020

Had to shave some plastic to get a tab to work and the waist articulation isn't there, but everything from paint to hardware to sculpt is masterpiece.

Lufkin, TX

July 28, 2019

This is actually my first major Not-MP and I have to say....HE IS AWESOME.
For starters, Cyclonus menacing stature is perfectly captured and presented here, his face are perfectly captured too.
The man is a walking arsenal too, you get 2 blasters, a targetmaster and two sets of swords, one small and one long.
For the overall body, the die cast can be felt the moment you pick him up, but man oh man can he stand a solid pose. Like you can pull off some really cool poses with bunny ears here. Especially with all his weapons.
His transformation isn’t the best, but it’s not too terrible either, as long as you take it step by step and don’t force anything. Speaking of my only major complaint is one of the last steps require you to have his cockpit flush and snapped down and I for the life of me can’t get it to snap. I’m sure I can but I’m afraid to apply too much pressure that it can break, I have also seen many other reviews and videos of folks having this same issue. Granted if you can’t get to snap down it’s not TOO obvious unless you look really close so it’s not the end of the world. Also there’s a part that requires you to have his hands closed into a fist but his fingers make it a bit tricky, even if one is just slightly off it can be troublesome to have them slide into him, so be weary about that or else it’ll throw the entire bottom half of the ship off or just not go in at all.

Aside that he is definitely a must have.

And it doesn’t stop there, the additional parts that give him the IDW look is awesome, though it’s just the skirts, sword and head(along with a set with the normal horns and then the broken horn) just gives you more options for playability and display.

For G1 fans this is definitely THE Cyclonus MP you need, and the additional parts is a bonus for those fans of the comics. For one I have him in his IDW look just to go with my Tailgate.

So it’s like getting 3 TF characters in one package, that 3rd one being his targetmaster Nightstick(who surprisingly also has some good amount of joints for some fun posing)
There’s also the limited edition being released with an alternative color scheme that too me is more purple then the blue you get with this one. So if you want more of a cartoon accurate color one there’s that!

Alta loma, CA

January 15, 2019

One of the best representation of G1 cyclonus, He is solid is up there with G watch Springer detailing this awesome right dot to the facial he is a true representation of G one masterpiece

Goicoechea, San José

November 11, 2018

I just got mine today and I´m more than impressed. It's is a Masterpiece of engineering and very faithful to the character. Transformation is a bit in the complex side but not as complicated as their Not-Springer or Not-Kup. There are some hinges and slides that can cause you a bit of trouble. In my experience I have used silicon oil to help the sliding pieces go smoother so that you don´t have to apply to much force and risk to damage it. It has some weight on him, with die cast pieces and good quality material, but not as hefty as their Sovereign or their Iron Dibots.

I´m not fan of the IDW version but even w/o using the alternate heads, you can arm him to the teeth with the three Blasters and two swords! Is not in vain that Unicron named him "Cyclonus, the Warrior". Highly recommended!

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

November 03, 2018

I decided to wait for Fans Toys' release of Quietus rather than purchase Xtransbots' Eligos. I am glad that I did. While Xtransbots produces great transforming robots, time and time again Fans Toys proves they are second to none.

I can objectively say that the photographs of Quietus do not do him justice. His face sculpt is perfect, his proportions are spot on, and then there is his paint applications... His paint application is the best I have ever seen on a transforming robot. It contains the same small metal particles it it similar to automotive paint.

The only thing left for Fans Toys to nail at this point is Alpha Trion, Aleta One, Orion Pax, any the rest of the Cybertronian Autobots and Decepticons. I am sure Fans Toys can blow us away with a flawless set of Tetrajets.

Saint charles, MO

November 02, 2018

I'm so thoroughly sold on Fans Toys at this point. Their take on Galvatron is still my favorite MP class figure, but this not-Cyclonus makes him seem a tiny bit clunky by comparison. Forget about Takara--I stood Starscream up next to Quietus and he looks like someone made him at their workbench in their garage. Quietus has great articulation, great tolerance(s), smooth lines, pretty good heft (more die cast wouldn't have gone unnoticed), and absolutely fantastic paint applications and transparent plastic accents. He stands proudly (and taller) next to Sovereign on my shelf, and he definitely highlights FT's overall superb line of Season 3/movie characters. Fans Toys, you've got my number. Except on Dinobots...


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