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TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition | Toyworld

TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition | Toyworld


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Toyworld
Size 22.0 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Series Constructor
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case

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Product Description


TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition | Toyworld


As a collector, you’re always on the lookout for unique and exclusive pieces for your collection. You don’t need to put in overtime, searching for the next elusive figure—Toygeek.com has you covered. The extraordinary TW-C07 Constructor Perfect Edition from Toyworld has everything you need to build the collection of your dreams and may even make you the envy of the collecting world.  


The Constructor Perfect Edition is a limited edition take on a Toyworld classic. Taking six of Toyworld's best figures and putting them together to create a monstrous combiner already resulted in an amazing collectible figure. But transforming the concept into a remarkable limited edition with new accessories, updated designs and better toy molding than its predecessor creates a unique one-of-a-kind figure that makes it a worthy gift for yourself or the collector in your life.  


There’s something uniquely satisfying about the ability to combine multiple figures into a single, massive form and put it on display. The new designs make it even easier to transform and pose the figures for your own displays or dioramas (or just to play around with; we won’t judge)—all at a price point that’s less costly than acquiring the individual figures on their own. Why not showcase the biggest, baddest, most versatile Combiner of them all with the Toyworld TW-C07 Constructor Perfect Edition?


With its magnificent G1 inspired color scheme and Masterpiece scale, it won’t just look good in your own collection, it will utterly bulldoze the competition—no hard hats required. And only 300 of these Toyworld exclusives exist, so make sure you’ll be one of the few collectors to take home this limited edition combiner set today, only from Toygeek —your source for 3rd Party transforming collectibles and figures. 


Toyworld's TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition is a limited edition release of the mighty construction combiner that stands 20"/50CM tall when combined! This remastered version of Constructor features an all new and improved mixer barrel and track design, as well as improved molding and a G1 color scheme. This is a limited edition release of the original constructor limited to just 300 pieces worldwide.   Masterpiece scaled, all six figures transform from construction vehicle to robot and back, and combine together to form the mighy combiner Constructor!

Item comes MIB (Mint In Box), as it does not come sealed from the manufacturer. LED feature in head requires 2x LR44 batteries. Batteries not included.

Note: due to oversized box, this item cannot be shipped to the following countries unless shipped by fedex/ups and there is a significant extra shipping charge: Vietnam, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Republic of, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela. Please email us for a shipping quote if you would like this item to ship outside of the US and you would like to confirm actual shipping costs.

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 22.0 inches
  • Scale: Masterpiece

  • Packaging: Mint in Box, as the set does not come sealed from the manufacturer. 

  • Lighting: The Combiner features LED lighting that requires two LR44 batteries to operate. The batteries are not included. 

  • Availability: Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide. This is one of the hottest Toyworld items and supplies will run out fast. Act now to get yours today!

  • Colors: Inspired by G1 color schemes, a blend of beautiful metallic purple and zinc chromate green on the body mixes with metallic black and grey limbs to create an eye-popping, realistic robot in both individual and combined forms. 

  • Additional Features: The mixer barrel is modernized with an updated design and function, while tracks for the bulldozer and crane are updated with a better, more flexible design. Overall toy molding is also improved from previous versions.

  • Toy Series: Constructor
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition
  • Packaging does not come factory sealed from the manufacturer

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C01 Bulldozer
  • 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C02 Unearth
  • 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C03 Burden
  • 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C04 Allocater
  • 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C05 Shovel
  • 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C06 Concrete
  • Combiner Parts & Weapons

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Toyworld TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition is highly articulated in robot mode

Toyworld TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition in construction vehicle mode

Toyworld TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition is highly articulated in construction vehicle mode mode

Toyworld TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition features.

Toyworld TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition features new purple mixer barrel color

Toyworld TW-C07X Constructor Perfect Edition Full Set of 6 Figures Limited Edition individual robot modes

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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Union beach, NJ

July 25, 2022

This version of this set is complete and utter trash. While it looks like the other versions and cones with all of the bells and whistles, it is low quality junk right out of the box. Made with a much cheaper plastic than all previous offerings, it begins to literally crumble and burst apart in your hands if you even breath near it. These are well documented issues now and TFSpurce and any other retailer should be ashamed they ever took anyone’s money for this POS. NEVER purchase a Toyworld product. They are pretty much out of business now so anything you get is going to be a low quality money grab that they know your retailer will not refund despite how many KNOWN issues there are with their garbage product since no one can get into contact with this company. Any retailer choosing to continue to sell their products is showing you how little they care about their customers.

Brockway, pa

December 22, 2021

Fun figure for the first few days but the QC issues caused mine to begin breaking very easily and near falling apart during transformation.

Irving, TX

October 25, 2021

The plastic is so brittle it fell apart in my hands. First it was the waist and thigh part. The Spring popped out due to the screw holes breaking apart. TFSource worked with me to get the part replaced. Decided to transform Burden (mixmaster) carefully, samething happened with his right leg. There is a crack in his right leg where the screw hole is. Afraid to handle the other bots. When I received the package, it looked like it was a return. This is unacceptable for a $600 item. Working with CS now.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

September 02, 2021

I was super excited when this figure showed up, straight out of the package all the figures were preset into combined form (which is what I wanted anyway) but a major issue that struck me right away was that the piece that is meant to hold hook together to form the head part of devastator was broken off. That was a major disappointment and I was originally going to fix it but I put if off for a while until I could try to fit every piece together to get them combined, and as I was trying to get long haul into the chest form (sadly he was the only figure that wasn't into his combined mode) and 1 of his legs exploded on me which made me put down the toy and ask the messiah (rob from tfsource) to help me out. Which he did! Rob replaced Hook and Long Haul free of charge, if Rob ever sees this review I want you to know you're a live saver!

Santa clarita, CA

July 12, 2021

This set is so big and elaborate I was intimidated at first and let it sit for a bit before taking it out. Once I opened it I was so happy. The quality is superb. It's so heavy and impeccably detailed, too! I recommend following the instructions and YouTube any time you transform it because I let it sit for a while and tried to transform him, breaking a few parts in the process. I should have reviewed the instructions again! That's par for the course for these kinds of figures, though. I can't recommend this set highly enough!

Port charlotte, FL

June 24, 2021

So, like so many of the recent customers I too received a broken/unacceptable Constructor. I reached out to Rob, and he personally took care of me from start to finish. Now I truly have a "perfect" edition. ToyWorld clearly has A LOT of work to do in the QC department, especially charging these prices, but TF Source stands behind their sale and their customers. ToyWorld gets 3 stars, but TF Source gets five.

Genova, GE

June 20, 2021

Big, very big indeed. Beautiful, indeed splendid !!! The only drawback of this set of 6 G1 transformes is that they are not toys but shelf objects. Very articulated and with excellent details but a little fragile. Maybe the plastic is not up to the situation, but some joints are damaged even during careful use ... So always be very careful. Very positive note the professionalism and availability of the staff of "TF Source", Thank you.

Miami, FL

June 08, 2021

Excellent figure. It comes ready to go in devastating mode, which is a problem if you want to review each figure individually, some parts are very tight. Be careful when placing the chest, it is tight and you have to be careful. It has beautiful details, for example the caterpillar wheels work and the cement mixer works the same.
Perhaps the arms are a little disproportionate and more hands are spinning uncontrollably, but overall it is a firm figure

Ladson, SC

May 16, 2021

So read all the reviews, and watched YouTube videos for “heads-up” with set so was prepared to have 2-3 figures be damaged upon receiving the set. Opened up the box, everything was perfect, nothing was broken, lots of accessories and upgrade parts. Hell the set even fell from a distance of 4 feet when I placed it on a shelf and the worst thing that happened was a tread popped off one of the figures. Popped tread back on and Constructor was complete. So far pretty impressed with overall look and function of combiner!

Watertown, NY

May 11, 2021

No problems whatsoever this behemoth is perfect and has a lot of upgrades

Acworth, GA

May 09, 2021

I just received my package! (I suuuuuure was hoping it came with the black foam instead of the plastic that’s already cracking...) I love the figure!I had most of the QC issues most of the other reviewers had but I’m a little handy with the GLUE & SCREWDRIVER 😳😅I did a STOP MOTION comparison on YouTube with him & Oversized Gravity Builder check it out @Transformer4777

Botkins, OH

May 04, 2021

This large combining box set is very nice to look at but it is Devastating to handle. Each individual bot WILL most likely have an issue somewhere on them so upon opening it, inspect before assembling. There are cracks and parts that need lots of care.

Mentor, OH

April 24, 2021

Figure came complete in box no issues there. Paint transformation was great a lot better than the combine award series. Only problem I had was with the main crotch piece of devastator. Upon first transformation the ratchet joint shattered inside the housing. Contacted Tf Source and sent back for replacement parts. If you take your time and be gentle with it it is a great set the half.

Denham springs, LA

April 23, 2021

Idk if I got lucky but my copy is solid and not broke I feel bad for people who had to go through that but mine is top notch.

Portage, WI

April 05, 2021

orders the set for a devastator to stand next to my other combiners but right out of the box scrapper's hip's fell apart, long hall's left leg exploded apart, mixmaster and hook both have a limb that's about to split apart and the hip of the combined mode is splitting. plus to add to the punch to the gut i got two right hands for the combine mode.

the problem of the set is over tightened screws, to large of springs and poor plastics

I would not recommend the set

Las vegas, NV

March 26, 2021

toy world did not disappoint on this one, I feel like he is the best masterpiece combiner out there. aside for my Phoenix and Sovereign figures he is the centerpiece of my collection Oh and my DX-9 Omega. Thank you TFsourse for the speedy delivery.

Fairmont, WV

March 19, 2021

I called customer support before buying this and they said it was a set known to come with broken pieces but they would do their best to help and to please inspect and transform each figure once receiving for defects.

Well my Mixmaster had his hips assembled backwards. I have tiny precision tool kit and was able to reassemble him correctly in about an hour or so. Only tough part was removing the hip skirt pins but he's looking good now. I can live with this.

My Scapper (Shovel) figure had cracks in his forearms around the screws and some of the hinges on his side in front of the rear wheels in vehicle mode are shattered and cracked.

I talked to Rob in customer service he's digging around in the parts graveyard and hopefully ill get the replacement pieces to repair to a defect-free Constructor.

He does look beautiful on display; just be prepared for a project doing your own QC, minor fixes and patience for replacement part requests.

Doral, FL

March 18, 2021

Parts break easily, poor quality plastic, a disappointment I do not recommend your purchase!

Yorktown, VA

January 16, 2021

I'm sick of having to have superglue on hand just to open a figure.

Open the package, loose hands already.
Hook's entire leg ripped off had to glue all 3 screwtubes back together. His right hand is completed screwed in but all digits just dangle there.
Bonecrusher's shovel hinge shattered when moving it.
Scavenger's head is stuck unable to move. Panel lines are split and screws need adjusting.
Im sure there will be more issues but I can't even bother messing with the other 3 figures or combining them after nearly 4 hours of working on them.
Only 2 stars since still looks cool but never gonna play with them ever again.

Weatherly, pa

January 12, 2021

I’m going to be honest the joint on this fella are not the best. In any mode be it combined, robot or even vehicle some joints are incredibly stiff to the point you’d be scared to even attempt to move them and others squeak so loud when moving them you’d think you’re bending a mouse instead of the figure.
Now has it actually broken on me while posing or transforming? No and I have yet to find any stress marks either, so props for that.
Some of the individual bots seem almost incomplete kinda? For example on bonecrusher and scavenger they have two elbows, I understand that it’s for the full range of movement of the arms but there must have been a better way to engineer that. But maybe not what do I know.
Finally I would like to say that this set looks absolutely amazing in combined mode as well as the bot modes, the vehicle modes are so-so. If you’re a collector, and I assume you are, this is THE masterpiece not-devastator you’re looking for. It’s size and presence are unmatched by any other not devastator out there.
Side note*
When I got this figure, allocator (not hook) was broken and tf source took it back and repaired it at no cost to me, so this is a thank you to the tf source team and more specifically Rob. So if you’re seeing this Rob, thank you for your help!

Lake orion, MI

January 06, 2021

Toyworld's Constructor will likely be the best cartoon-accurate, Masterpiece-scaled Devastator in the market for (adult) collectors for quite some time, if not indefinitely, but the set does have its quality issues and is not recommended for frequent transformation or extensive play otherwise. My copy has some of the same issues described by earlier reviewers.

Shovel arrived in two halves in the packaging, because his crotch pieces had fractured. I broke his right toe piece during transformation, which I consider to be mostly my own fault. I also broke Allocator's (Hook's) right knee during transformation, which I don't consider to be my fault. Lastly, both of his elbow joints were loose.

In general, the screwed interfaces have not been designed robustly. The plastic bosses fracture at the bottom of the screw holes, where the cross section is the weakest due to the screw hole and the screw itself does not provide support. The plastic material itself likely has mediocre material properties, which in combination with the design results in fracture under relatively low force application. More bosses are likely to fracture if you keep transforming the figures.

With superglue and some creativity, I was able to repair all the defects, without sacrificing joint functionality. Tip: for Allocator's loose elbows I fabricated clear transparent washers (from a spinach packaging) and inserted these into the joints to increase the tightness.

I'm satisfied with this end result for my purposes. Allocator can now hold up his gun and all figures can still transform, which I will not be doing very often anyway. In the meantime TFSource is doing an excellent job at trying to get me replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Hutto, TX

January 03, 2021

Three out of the six came broken. The right leg of longhaul was completely broken off, scrapper was broken in half, and the shovel on bonecrusher was broken off. The only reason I give two stars is because it does look good combined once you glue it together. Too bad I can never transform the three that had to be glued.

Yuma, AZ

December 31, 2020

I do think it would be an item for a collection state in combine mode. But, my biggest problem with this purchase is that some a couple of my Transformers were broken outside of the box. I’m one that actually played with the toy, it helps with my stress. I am surprised that this item came in the shape that it did. I expected “PERFECT,” nothing less. So Toy World, build better quality toys. Don’t sell your flawed products.

Millstadt, IL

December 29, 2020

I’ve been contemplating this set for some time, mostly because of the price point. It feels a little hefty for a single purchase, but I suppose you break down six masterpiece scale bots at $500 it comes out pretty even. Not going to lie, I never transformed individual bots; I went straight for the kill and put him in combiner mode. I am super impressed and pleased with this massive combiner. Once combined he is a well-balanced and heavy combiner towering over my other masterpiece bots. Overall I am pleased with how he looks in my display, the G1 aesthetic is there as well as a modern flare and I feel overall construction is solid. A nice addition to a masterpiece scale collection.

Lexington, KY

December 27, 2020

I’ve owned many third party devastators, and pretty much every one, ranging from dx9’s mini Devy, maketoys and tfc’s ones, and even the generation toy one, however none of them have been able to suit my needs in a devastator, so for Christmas, I decided to splurge a littles and get toyworld’s variation on the green team themselves, and u fortunately, right out of the box, scrapper split in half, and I wasn’t too mad at first, so I fixed him up and went on to mixmaster, after transforming him his left arm fell apart in my hands, next was scavenger, my personal favorite of the group, and as I struggled to transform him, his leg treads kept coming apart and some of the connection prices bent to the point where it failed to hold, and that’s where I stopped.

If you get this figure, be prepared to leave them on a shelf and not touch them, because at best, they are good for display, but these figures are not for one who wants to pose them for fun and play around with them. So in the end I am disappointed, because I thought this would be a great fig, but not every swing is a hit I suppose, I hope you found this helpful and informative.

Middleburg heights, OH

December 24, 2020

Just opened today, great quality from the couple I've taken out of the box. Only gripe is it doesn't come with black foam insert in box, it's the clear plastic. But other than that seems great

Erie, PA

December 19, 2020

The consensus here is generally accurate. These are some excellent, sizable, cartoon-accurate Constructicons with very good bot and vehicle modes and a beautiful Devastator mode that is surprisingly sturdy. My main issues were that a couple of waists/legs broke apart and needed fixed with glue, and many joints and pegs/holes are extremely tight. I haven't messed up my fingers/hands with TFs like this in a while, and needed some pliers at times to spare my nails. I might make some mods in the future to help with this. But for now, I still think this Devastator is the best-looking available, and worth the money. Now Toyhax just needs to make a sheet for it :)

Wylie, TX

December 11, 2020

Shovel figure shipped with a broken hip
Tfsource was fast to respond hoping for a full figure once more.
Love the colors!

Airdrie, alberta

December 04, 2020

The combined mode is great but the individual bots suffer some serious issues mixmaster was assembled improperly, hooks thumb ball joint broke upon transformation, boncrushers excavator arm has the pneumatic joints already starting to crack and long haul a crack on the back of his leg so as much as I love this figure I don’t recommend displaying this as the individual bots

Stillman valley, IL

December 02, 2020

This set looks really nice and it can be great. As a display piece.

I've owned it for exactly 24 hours. The moment it came out of the box, pieces spilled everywhere.
The moment it was fully assembled, the back of the leg started to rattle. You adjust those screws and a port for the screw cracks and breaks. You fix that and the hardware is pretty much completely stripped because it already comes in heavily worn condition... This set is nothing but pretty and a lot of maintenance.

It's not something I'd ever even consider transforming after this very frustrating result and I wouldn't recommend anyone who can't outright afford to buy another one doing so either.

Also, why in the world would the 'Perfect Edition' NOT feature the ever-so-desired green leg kit? Have fun tracking one down. Note: it ALSO doesn't come with new hardware, so be conservative with touching this thing at all if you plan to upgrade it at some point.

Doral, FL

July 09, 2020

Excellent addition to any MP lover... best Devastator out there!

Great service, package arrived very well protected... buy with confidence!

Slingerlands, NY

May 09, 2020

This is my second Constructor set after the V2 box set. It comes packed ready to combine in the box, and it is arguably the best Masterpiece Devastator ever made. The problem is with the individual bots QC and tolerances. Some joints are overly tight to the point of breaking, and others are loose to the point of falling over or failing to hold. Certain parts are extremely fragile such as the thumbs and fingers on the bot modes. (I already broke the thumb on burden). Unearth, bulldozer, and concrete all have have trouble standing up due to poor tolerancing in the legs. However, I will say nearly all of the vehicle modes look and feel solid (probably due to the fact that they are close to their combined modes). Overall this is a good buy for combined mode but don't expect high quality bot modes. I would recommend against the $800+ box sets with the QC issues this set has.

Westerly, RI

May 07, 2020

This unification of Constructicons into Devastator is truly a work of art. He's imposing, intimidating, and downright beautiful. He commands my display. ToyWorld took what I imagined Devastator to be as a kid, and made it even cooler.

You will have to fix some of the bots out of the box to get everything looking right, but overall the combining process wasn't hard at all. Wish the shoulder joint was stronger because he can sometimes have issues holding his arms up. I was impressed with how stable he was once up on his two legs. Highly recommend this piece!

Salem, UT

March 01, 2020

It’s exceeded my expectations and is a fantastic addition to my collection

San antonio, TX

February 12, 2020

I love this guy. I don’t think I could ask for a more perfect representation for my favorite set of combiners. The colors are brilliant and pop. The ratchets are tight, just as they should be for something of such bulk and substance. When you are handling this, you feel like you are dealing with a piece of art. Not a plastic toy. Saying that, it is strong enough to be freely explored without feeling like it will break on you. It is so heavy I thought the opposite at first then as I began to combine him and mess around I learned quickly that he can handle a bit of rough play. If there is one issue I have it would be Scrapper in combined mode doesn’t have a perfectly secure way of setting the foot in place if you wanted to do some dynamic poses, but it can be gotten around. 5 stars.

Apo, AP

January 23, 2020

Received mine today and packaging was phenomenal. After inspecting everything, I found one of the tracks missing from the right arm character. No instructions were included but overall manageable. After final assembly, this bad boy is unstable and won’t stand on his own. QC seems to lack at the manufacturer but the name is misleading “perfect”...seems a bit off. Amazing detail and fit. Overall good acquisition but lack of instructions to identify all the extras and exact operation, as well as unbalanced posing capabilities really detract from this product.

Phenix city, AL

January 19, 2020

Does it have it’s issues? Yes. Is it the absolute essence of everything that Devestator is, was, and shall forever be? Ohh yes!! I keep it in Combined mode with the eyes lit up until the batteries die.

Weymouth, MA

January 07, 2020

Massive, heavy, and quite cartoon accurate. I also have the Yellow Weathered version. His parts forming hips and thighs are a bit bulkier, as is Boncrusher's shovel and probably a few other things I missed. His joints are strong and tight, I had to loosen the shoulder ratchet a bit in Boncrusher to straighten it, that and his left lat filler is a tad loose. Otherwise he is awesome to behold!

Bedford, nova scotia

January 06, 2020

The new color scheme is super nice and vibrant, it really pops. I feel the photos don’t do it justice! No qc issues everything was fine straight out of the box.

For those curious about the “new tracks” mentioned in the features list as far as I can tell it’s just Bonecrusher that has newly styled treads on his tracks rather than having the same look as Scavanger as in previous versions of the set. The new mixer barrel is just shaped a bit differently than the previous set I had but more or less operates on the same wind up gimmick.

Plymouth, MN

January 04, 2020

Out of the box all the joints are tight and smooth. No issues transforming or holding poses.

Boyds, MD

December 27, 2019

Got this today, super excited to combine him. The joints however are complete trash! His right hip I can barely move the joint, it feels like I'm going to break it. The left hip has no ratcheting whatsoever and is just free floating so I cannot even stand him up. Several other joints were incredibly difficult to move to expose the combining pegs and the bot partially came apart and needed to be re-transformed while trying to combine them.


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