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TW-BS01 Tyrannosaurus Rex Limited Edition | Toyworld

TW-BS01 Tyrannosaurus Rex Limited Edition | Toyworld


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Toyworld
Size 4.7 inches
  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case

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Product Description


TW-BS01 Tyrannosaurus Rex Limited Edition | Toyworld


ToyWorld proudly presents their new TW-BS01 Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is their Legends Scaled figure.


This Tyrannosaurus Rex is limited edition release with only 1000-pieces being made. This figure stands 4.72-inches/20cm tall in robot mode. This Legends Scaled figure features a wide range of articulation and some improvements.

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 4.72 inches
  • Scale: Legends Scale
  • Transforms from robot to T-Rex and back
  • Limited edition of 1000 pieces
  • Made of plastic
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars overall


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Scotch plains, NJ

November 21, 2020

Based on some reviews - wasn’t sure what to expect, but was happily surprised. Joints were fine, nice sculpt, really cool packaging - paint might
Have been a little stronger - overall very pleased.

Gardendale, AL

October 14, 2020

I was overjoyed when I saw this figure. Finally Beast era toys are being produced. Then I see it's Legends scale and the joints are floppy. To top it off, no Transmetal finish. Not even a good metallic color, much less chrome. Come on, ToyWorld !!! You can do better !!!

Becker, MN

October 02, 2020

This is an absolute step back, and a disappointment in /almost/ every way. The joints are extra loosey-goosey as is, and I feel as though they'll only get worse with time~! The transformation is tried and true enough, but I can feel the quality of the figure lowering as I touch it. The paint applications are fairly good, but the colors are off (such as the bronze, which is a fishy pink instead). On the bright side, the sculpt is /extremely/ beautiful!

Sewell, NJ

August 17, 2020

The Figure looks amazing gin both modes, though transforming him from one to another is a bit of an effort as there are tolerance issues.There are issues in the shoulder joints where he metal ball joint was not smoothed, so its roughness acts as sandpaper and wears down the plastic which is why the shoulder joints become extremely loose. I was able to use some superglue to thicken the ball joint as well as build back up the socket.
Due to these QC issues I have to go with three stars even though I really like the figure aside from those issues.

I did a review of the figure on youtube which I cover some of this and you can see the difficulties I had with transformation.

Delran, NJ

July 20, 2020

I really want to give this figure 5 stars. the Bot mode looks amazing, the dino mode looks amazing, it is VERY heavy for it's size ( lots of diecast used in the joints and some other places), but I cant. I'm being GENEROUS with 3 stars. Things not fitting how they should, having to apply way to much pressure to get parts past other parts, tabs being almost impossible to un-tab and loose joints right out of the box. If this were $10 I'd say get it, but at $49, do not waste your money. It is not fun to transform, it is plagued with engineering problems and honestly, the brown paint looks like skin colored FOUNDATION ( makeup). This needed more developement time and quality control sessions before it went retail. Pass on it unless you like regrets lol. Also, broke one of his thumbs trying to get him to hold his tail, not a great design to have slightly open hands with tiny thumbs that are hard plastic.

Burbank, CA

July 10, 2020

Out of the package, this figure feels as delicate as it is frustratingly tight in some sections. The tail on mine is very loose. Looks great but I feel terrified to even flip out his skates, convinced it will break the feet.

Moundsville, WV

July 06, 2020

First of all, it's a crying shame neither HasTak nor most third parties have given the Beast Era much love outside of the precious few Beast Wars MPs as of now, so it's nice to see some dabbling in the Legends scale.

While this toy looks great aesthetically, that's about the only positive part of the experience. For one, the transformation is a fiddly mess, and the blurry, tiny, poorly done instructions are little help in that regard. Once he's in robot mode, his shoulders and hips are floppy - even the standby "floor polish" trick does nothing to remedy this. His hands are fragile too, and hold his tail gun poorly - one of them broke when I tried to wiggle it into place!

This is an overall poor effort from Toyworld, who has a spotty track record with QC in general. Save your money and invest in New Age or Iron Factory instead - you know you're almost always guaranteed quality with them.

Wheat ridge, CO

July 02, 2020

Don’t get me wrong the figure looks amazing in both beast and robot mode but after the first transformation the figure becomes a rag doll the arms get super duper lose lots of clearance issues the leg panels are stupid tight I’m too scared to transform him again after doing it once

San diego, CA

June 30, 2020

Great looking figure but the tail as the gun gimmick doesn't work well. He has issues with loose floppy joints and the figure as a whole is a bit on the fragile side at least in feeling. He is a very cool looking figure though in both modes. Just need to get those issues fixed.

Ridgecrest, CA

June 24, 2020

This figure is definitely for Beast Wars fans or those that want a good display figure. Mine has some issues with the shoulder ball joints. They are diecast metal and they are a tad small for the plastic arm sockets, so both arms are fairly loose making dynamic poses just not possible. If your comfortable and confident in fixing toys, I say go for it. I already have some solutions and I don't mind trying them out. Other than the two shoulder joints, this figure is amazing!


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