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MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version | X-Transbots MasterX

MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version | X-Transbots MasterX


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Xtransbots
Size 8.0 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Series Masterx
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Truck

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Product Description


MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version | X-Transbots MasterX


X-Transbots 3rd Party Figures take your collection to the next level with MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version, a Masterpiece Scale scaled 3rd party figure that transforms from a Truck to robot and back.    Xtransbots MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version figure stands 8.0 inches tall in robot mode and scales to other figures from X-Transbots and to other Masterpiece Scale scaled figures already in your collection. 


X-Transbots MasterX line features highly articulated Masterpiece scaled figures that pay homage to their G1 origins.  Each figure features high grade ABS, as well as die-cast parts and rubber tires if there are wheels on the figure.  


X-transbots figure lines feature modern manufacturing process that makes their figures affordable while maintaining high quality and solid construction.  Built from a combination of ABS plastic, nylon and rubber for the tires, most figures also contain some type of diecast parts and feature clear windows for their alternate modes.  Updated G1 color schemes and great articulation/ratcheting of joints make these figures visually spectacular.


Start your X-Transbots Collection today with MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version.  Add this highly sought after piece to your collection today at Toygeek, your source for 3rd Party collectible transforming figures.

Product Features

  • Toy Series: MasterX
  • Toy Size: 8 inches.
  • Scale: Masterpiece
  • Alt Mode:Truck
  • Shining polished car shell
  • Towing gimmic back of the truck
  • Utilizes translucent parts in the windows and lights
  • Features Rubber tires with die-cast joints and feet
  • Other figures shown sold separately
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x MX-9T Paean Figure
  • 1 x Solar Tower
  • 1 x Wrist Hammer
  • 1 x Replacement Wrist Missile Launcher
  • 2 x Long Distance Car Loaded Catching Arms
  • 1 x Bonus Toy Head
  • 1 x Wrist Attachable Double-Barrel Shooting Weapon
  • 2 x Wrist MP Weapon Adaptors (For MP30 Ratchet Weapon Accessory)-Claw Arm
  • 2 x Movie Masks (One for MP26 Tracks, One for Paean)
  • 1 x Bio Card
  • Instructions

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version Converts Between Robot And Truck!

MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version utilizes translucent parts in the windows and lights!

MX-9T Paean Cartoon Version features Rubber tires with die-cast joints and feet!

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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Tucson, AZ

October 12, 2022

I looked up many comparisons and was torn on should I wait to get it or another competitor. I ended up choosing this one b/c I like the bulky body of it as well as the cartoon aspects of it. Model wise it transformed okay with help from a couple of videos. The biggest downer is the hand options. 1st none of the missile arms fit the mushroom nob of the hand. I even filed down the mushroom nob and it still didn’t fit properly. Next, like it has been reported, the other hand replacements don’t fit correctly either which sucks b/c they bring out the character in him. So I used a little scrapbook putty on the double barrel gun to keep it in place. The one missile hand replacement, I was able to get on about 90% of the way. I’m just going to stick him toward the back of my display to hide these problems. Just hope that other companies Hoist aren’t as good as this one.

Fontana, CA

September 06, 2021

Very toon accurate. Good transformation. I love it.

Stoughton, WI

May 03, 2021

I got this bot 'cause I'm a completionist - I had Grapple and needed a Hoist stand in. The quality was really bad. One of the pegs that holds the backpack in place disintegrated on the first transformation. It still holds together and looks okay, but I'll never transform it again. Yeah, I know these toys are for adult collectors, but I feel like I shouldn't need a magnifying glass and tweezers to transform a bot without breaking it. Oh well.

Lake orion, MI

January 06, 2021

I'm very satisfied with this figure. I enjoyed the transformation, but do recommend to watch one or to transformations on Youtube to learn when to be extra careful. He scales well with and looks good next to his buddy Masterpiece Grapple.

Massapequa, NY

December 16, 2020

Nice all around figure

Springfield, PA

December 12, 2020

Maybe I'm not judging this older design fairly, but generally I was disappointed with this offering.

The Bad:
- The backpack...2 words...cheap plastic. I understand this is a difficult figure to work with given everything going on with the backpack, but some of the frame should have been made of diecast to avoid the thin brittle plastic.
- I've fortunately never broken an MP figure, but on first transformation from car to bot I got 4 stress marks; 2 on the backpack hinges, 1 of the mushroom pegs and 1 of the pegs that holds the backpack to the body. I have no confidence this figure will survive transforming back to truck mode, much less again back to bot mode...something will break before then.
- The transformation, again specifically the backpack (the little truck cab windows that fold in obstruct transformation), is not enjoyable. Bending plastic pieces around other pieces, getting the leg sliders and shin covers to line up just right before they peg in, the elongated elbow flaps that keep getting in the way, and getting the shoulders to move without overstressing the plastic. My desk was covered in little white plastic bits that flaked off by the time I was done. The whole experience left me never wanting to attempt it again.
- It comes with a lot of accessories, which would normally fall under the 'Good' category, but again all consisting of the same thin/cheap plastic. If its a price issue, I'll trade less options for better quality.
- The clear cab windshield allows you to see all the inner working parts which detracts from the illusion and leaves it feeling more like a toy than top end collectors piece.

The Good:
- Once you can suffer through getting him to robot mode he looks good. The paint and colors are true to the show, and he scales nicely with other figures, he looks the part in both robot and truck modes.
- The option for the alternate toy accurate head is nice.
- He has rubber tires and diecast in the feet, not nearly enough diecast, but there is some.

Overall very disappointed with this figure, especially at the $130 price point, not worth that at all. I have other Xtransbots figures that do not have these issues, maybe I'm judging yesterdays figure by today's standard.


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