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MX-12B Gravestone Trailer | X-Transbots

MX-12B Gravestone Trailer | X-Transbots


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Xtransbots
Size 19.7 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Series Masterx
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Battle Station

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Product Description


MX-12B Gravestone Trailer | X-Transbots

ToyGeek code: MX12B-TRAILER

X-Transbots 3rd Party Figures take your collection to the next level with MX-12B Gravestone Trailer, a Masterpiece Scale scaled 3rd party figure that transforms from a Battle Station to robot and back.    Xtransbots MX-12B Gravestone Trailer figure stands 19.7 inches tall in robot mode and scales to other figures from X-Transbots and to other Masterpiece Scale scaled figures already in your collection. 


X-transbots figure lines feature modern manufacturing process that makes their figures affordable while maintaining high quality and solid construction.  Built from a combination of ABS plastic, nylon and rubber for the tires, most figures also contain some type of diecast parts and feature clear windows for their alternate modes.  Updated G1 color schemes and great articulation/ratcheting of joints make these figures visually spectacular.


Start your X-Transbots Collection today with MX-12B Gravestone Trailer.  Add this highly sought after piece to your collection today at Toygeek, your source for 3rd Party collectible transforming figures.

Product Features

  • Toy Series: Masterx
  • Toy Size: 19.7 inches
  • Alt Mode:Battle Station
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Compatible with MX-XII-A Gravestone (sold separately)
  • Other figures shown sold separately
  • Made of plastic
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 X MX-12B Gravestone Trailer
  • 1 X Sword
  • 1 X Blaster Gun
  • 1 X Bio Card
  • Instructions

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

MX-12B Gravestone Trailer transforms from a trailer to a Battle Station and back!

MX-12B Gravestone Trailer has a length of 19.7 inches long!

MX-12B Gravestone Trailer is Made of plastic!

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars overall


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Denver, CO

August 14, 2022

I finally decided to do my review of the Gravestone (Menasor) trailer, it was complicated a little but i follow Emgo's review and had it all put together in a hour and a half but i left gravestone out of it cause i order a back filler part from Jimmy Hauser and it was 48 dollars but in his combine mode made him better and not so back heavy. The one thing i didn't do was go all way into base mode when following EMGO'S review i waited tell he was going to combine mode and it was better to do it from there and much easier and no parts broken plus my Menasor has a smoother back pack you will like it plus he's just as good as DX-9. I can shake the table and he doesn't fall.If i was you guys that brought Gravestone i would invest in the Jimmy Hauser upgrade back replacement filler for him you won't regret it's my two cents.I put it all together two weeks ago and very happy that i got him still waiting for FansToys to finish their's like most of you i was afraid to try and put it together but glad i did that back filler made it all go together great.

Virginia beach, VA

May 02, 2022

This was not fun at all, but the end result is impressive.

Sacramento, CA

January 16, 2022

I had waited quite a while before pulling the trigger on the trailer to complete this set since the pricing was a little outrageous for my taste. Boy is this thing an absolute waste of money. After trying to finally combine the set for nearly three hours, the engineering to transform into combined mode was so messy and convoluted that even with how careful I was with the parts some small pieces just snapped off with barely any effort. The trailer itself is SHABBY!!! Loose ratchets and hinges coupled with some parts that are so difficult to twist or fold you're afraid to move anything for fear of breaking something else. There's just so many little tiny folding pieces and parts that are either difficult to move or just won't stay in place properly. The whole thing is like an extremely painful origami puzzle and not fun to transform at all. I can't tell you how many times I cut myself just trying to get little pegs or sharp plastic corners to fold out like they're supposed to. Never mind trying to house Motormaster into the damn thing once you get the shell formed. The pegs and hinges that are supposed to hold everything together are so flimsy the moment you try to attach or transform another part everything just collapses under the weight of all the connected pieces. Some pegs were incredibly loose they didn't hold anything in place while some weren't molded correctly enough that fitting them into the holes they're supposed to go into was an exercise in madness. I was finally so disgusted with the design that I tossed the whole set into the trash. I don't recommend this piece. I'm also never buying another X-transbots product again. Their builds consistently have flimsy pieces or parts that just break off. I liked them for how toon accurate their designs generally are but after this particular fiasco I wash my hands of them. The other Menasor sets are better made as I have the set from DX9 Toys as well as Transformission and they're VASTLY better made sets!! Steer clear of this piece it's a waste of money!!!

Norwalk, IA

November 16, 2021

looks good but transformation isnt the best but made it thought it. dx9 is just a little better for combine mode

Short hills, NJ

October 26, 2021

This is a must buy if you have collected all 5 stunt icons from XT and intend to combine them. This feels like a ransom cuz it's more expensive than MM plus one or two limb bots. The transformation process, like most other reviewers said, is a pita. No fun at all. But once it's done, it LOOKS amazing. The articulation is pretty good. The parts also hold up surprisingly well, given the untidy looking from the back. It also scales very well with Zeta's Superion, which I display together. Yes it is back heavy. But if you lean him against the back of the shelf (I used ModuCase DF30, which is only 12" deep), it helps make some nice poses. Yep, it looks amazing and will stay that way, cuz I will probably never transform it again. Considering that, I can bump up the rating up one star per $50 off the price. But at $200+, it is what it is.

Cusseta, GA

September 06, 2021

very detailed very Very complicated to transform have patients when transforming it

Fontana, CA

September 06, 2021

Mine was great. A little complicated but what MP isnt? Especially a combiner. No complaints from me!

Los banos, CA

August 01, 2021

Xtb trailer is a flip flopping mess and leg cars don't secure properly also broke foe wheel when attempting to secure Flipout...poor design not worth the coin

Akron, OH

July 11, 2021

Really nice figure but was really hard to transform scared of broken pieces

Pembroke, MA

April 11, 2021

Overly complicated transformations with fragile parts. Putting it together was a chore to say the least with a lot of fragile pieces that came off when putting together. Was a waste of money considering gravestone sits on the back which makes posing another chore to contend with.

Spartanburg, SC

April 08, 2021

I have some gripes about this guy. I’ll do the good stuff first.
He looks great. Size is great compared to other Masterpiece scale titans, like Fans Toys Omega, ToyWorld Devastator, and the Zetas.
He has okay posability.
I had no trouble with him holding his weapons like some others have had.
The trailer itself is huge, and works great. Attaches to Gravestone just fine.
The bad:
That base mode idea was total bullslag. Just like everybody says, nobody wants it. It made the transformation far more complex than it should’ve been. The transformation would be extremely risky without YouTube instruction. I broke a very small tab on Dead End’s lower portion, don’t think it’ll affect anything. So far nothing else broke. I really want my Masterpiece figures to survive multiple transformations, not so sure for this.
The arms weren’t so bad to do, excepting the tab snapping. Attaching the legs was frustrating, and it doesn’t feel too secure like I’d expect from a Masterpiece. Putting Gravestone in is awful. Mashing all that torso stuff is crazy, which I think is a new standard for Masterpiece Combiners. It’s doable tho. He is back heavy with Gravestone in there.
I am really let down after waiting on this for about a year. XTB had enough time to to do better. And I don’t know what possessed them to think it was a smart move to add the base mode at all.
Also, the price. With the price tag, and the accessory pack coming separate, XTB overstepped their worth. I thought I made the right decision between the three offerings. I should’ve went with Fans Toys instead. Too late.
Because of this I’m going to probably frown upon future offerings from XTB, including their Defensor, sadly. I was so super happy with their Klaatu and had higher expectations.
And also the tip of the gun barrel for my Monolith is rotated off center and can’t be moved to fix. TFSource is gonna send me another.

Wichita, KS

April 05, 2021

I got mine and set aside some time to transform it. Youtube has tons of videos. I chose a good one and it took me about an hour. I had some G1 cartoons playing in the background and worked on this guy. Transformation wasn't bad, but it was time consuming. Find a good video, get to work and take your time. There are some fragile pieces. The end product is amazing and very G1 accurate! Menasor is huge and looks great!

Calgary, Alberta

April 02, 2021

Yes, it's a complicated transformation.
Yes, he looks amazing.
Monolith(Menasor) is a victim of some very strange anomalies...

1) No ratchets in the knees, and only partial ratchets in the thighs. This makes no sense. The size of the figure makes full ratchets in all joints an absolute, non-negotiable must, especially those responsible for keeping the thing in a standing position.

2) The "base mode". What a waste of engineering. No one would have missed it if it wasn't there, and you can bet that it made the transformation that much more needlessly difficult. I never put it into said mode, nor do I ever intend to do so.

3) Flipout(Wildrider) and Crackup(Breakdown) are not secured properly. Getting them into position is a chore in and of itself, but getting them to stay is the real trick. The problem is that the space for each car between the faux wheels is too wide, and they don't sit flush with the cars' tires. It's like they didn't properly measure the space between.

4) Back heavy. With Gravestone(Motormaster) installed, keeping the figure standing upright is not easy, made worse by a lack of articulation in the ankles(no forward/backward range). You'll have to lean his upper body forward slightly, or stand him against the wall.

I don't think the majority of the hate for this is justified, but XTB burned a lot of bridges recently, so many are understandably critical. If their prices are going to continue to go up as they have, they need to up their game to match.

Wexford, PA

April 02, 2021

This trailer just arrived in the mail today and I now wish I had never gotten involved. I’m sitting here looking at it knowing full well that once I’ve transformed it, I will NEVER successfully get it back into trailer mode. So far, the online transformation videos are useless. Hey, Bobby Skull Face, get your hands out of the way! No one can see what you’re doing. Hopefully, the Freaking Geek will get his review done soon. Otherwise, I’ve just bought a $280 paperweight. I’m such a sucker. If I hadn’t already bought the rest of the team, I would never have bought this mess. Seriously thinking of just selling my set.

Hamden, CT

March 29, 2021

Offer complicated. Extremely fragile. Not worth the price point. Only purchased bc I was invested in the other figures. Used to love Xtransbots merchandise but this definitely fell extremely short.

Omaha, NE

March 28, 2021

This is over complicated to transform and flimsy. Things don’t stay together, hooks don’t click in place and the pegs don’t work to hold Breakdown and Dead End on theta. Too expensive to be this poor.

North chesterfield, VA

March 28, 2021

If you decided early on to go all in on Xtransbots' Stunticons, this purchase is a no brainer unless you only plan to display the individual bots in their robot mode. As a trailer, it's very large and heavy, but looks good. Motormaster will truly be King of the road. Also looks great as Menasor, however, I wish the had ratcheted the legs, as he is rather top heavy with Motormaster installed. The transformation is very complex, but there is a great walk thru on YouTube. While I appreciate the capability to transform it into a base mode like the G1 toy, I feel like no one would have missed it and it may have made the overall transformation needlessly complex. Also, this and the Accessory Pack should've been sold together, along with Gravestone. I think $300 would've been acceptable, considering all you get. The Accessory Pack is not a must have for most people,and would've made the overall purchase a better value if it was just thrown in with Gravestone and the trailer.

Philadelphia, PA

March 25, 2021

This wasn't what I expected with the transformation, figured xtransbots would've made it simple enough. But noooope hard as all get out but once done it's truly a masterful piece. Very toon accurate by my standards and i plan to get another trailer got to have more then one

St. charles, MO

March 23, 2021

This thing was a literal nightmare to transform and mine actually came with s defect of the steel pin missing from one of the keys that locks the side down. There are also points where if you are not careful I can see breaking it. It's very panel heavy but once you overcome the calculus of transforming it and get everything locked down it is a very beautiful piece. You will not have fun doing the transformation and I will never transform it back to trailer mode but overall im satisfied

Palatine, IL

March 23, 2021

This thing is a casserole of nonsense. It's fiddly, unwieldy, and poorly balanced. Combining the core 5 figures seems like an afterthought. They spent way too much engineering on a base mode that no one is ever going to use. The instructions are terrible. The figure feels like a strong wind will make it fall apart. I combined it, and that's how it will stay. I will never transform this monstrosity again.

Looks great, though.

Lynchburg, VA

March 22, 2021

You need a lot of patience to transform it, but it does look very good! Never tried to do the base mode.

Bothell, wa

March 22, 2021

Looks great, but pain to transform, not sturdy, watch Bobby skull face YouTube review. But it does look great


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